Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday

I am participating in Melinda's flashback Friday and our assignment was to find a picture from a past Thanksgiving or Black Friday and wouldn't you know it I couldn't find any. Well, the two I did find are of both the boys last year right before we went over to their Great Grannie's for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. I remember this because that evening we went to look at the lights at Rhema, which are absolutely beautiful. Can't you tell they look so pleased that I was taking their picture right before we leave. I am definitely going to have to break out some of the pictures I took of our house last year after the ice storm, the worst week we have had. Next time I promise to find a better picture and wouldn't you know I couldn't find any of Doug or I on a previous Thanksgiving together, until we had the boys we really didn't take a whole lot of pictures. Now I am on top of it all the time.

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Melinda said...

That's so funny...Josh and I never really took any photos until the boys came along either. Thanks for joining in Flashback Friday! I enjoyed seeing how much your boys have grown in just a year.