Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Update...

Halloween was a busy day or late afternoon/evening for us. Our first mission was to hit downtown for their annual Boologah with all of the businesses assembled from 4-6p.m. Yes a little early for trick-or-treating but the high school had a game in town Friday night and they wanted everyone to be able to participate and still go to the game. We have yet to make one, maybe next year when the boys will be able to sit through part of a game. After downtown the boys took off their costumes so we could go eat dinner and we were off to Mimi & Papa's neighborhood in Broken Arrow. We only did two streets but that was plenty and definitely a lot of walking for two little guys especially Nic, (I took the stroller just in case because that boy is way to heavy to carry any distance). After we got home the boys were off to bed although I don't know how with all of the suckers they had that evening but they must have been completely worn out because they were asleep pretty quick once they were settled. Once asleep I dumped their buckets out into a paper grocery bag and it was almost half way full of candy. Who will be eating most of it, that's right, mom and dad!

And we are off, holding hands and crossing the street to start our evening.

Nemo and Lightening McQueen, what a pair those two make.

Our first stop and what do we get, that's right suckers and the very first one's of the evening.

Notice suckers already in mouth, very hard to say trick or treat when you are already eating something.

Taking a quick picture at Mimi & Papa's before we head out into their neighborhood.

One of our first stops that evening, what little gentlemen saying Thank You every time.

Eli wanted to take a picture by the big pumpkin before we went inside for the evening.
The boys sure had fun during our outings and I can't wait for next year. This is definitely my favorite time of the year.

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