Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rollercoaster of emotion on tv

What am I talking about? Well if you have seen all the hype over the last month on the TLC show Jon & Kate plus 8 then you know exactly what I am referring to. I had to DVR the show last night to get my monkey's in bed, then Doug and I watched it together after the news. You talk about a lot of emotion. One minute you are sitting there mad at one of them and turn around and be sad for them and their marriage but my heart goes right to all of their children. Yes, they put their life on television, what did they expect, to not get noticed when they go somewhere? When you put your life out there for everyone to see and we literally watch your children grow, people are interested. I noticed last night they talked about choices. They made the choice to do the show, write books, quit their jobs and go out all over town. But you can also quit doing the show and grow up and take care of your family as well. I mean if you can't take being at home taking care of your children, you need to look in the mirror start to focus on your family and get a job outside of the home, instead of gallivanting all over the country on a book tour or going out with a much younger single woman. All of their children do not deserve any of this, they deserve to be loved unconditionally and be their parents, regardless of what happens between them in the future.

Sorry, but this is a hot button issue for me. My parents divorced when I was about two and you never really get over the feeling of being left out, hurt and mad. Even when you feel as if you have dealt with your feelings and have cleared the air, there are days it can all comes rolling back and the abandonment issue hits you like a ton of bricks. I know there are children, teens and even adults that know that feeling I am talking about.

But, I am thankful for some wonderful people in my life that have helped to feel that void or hurt that you can feel at times. The first and foremost is the Lord, without my faith, I wouldn't be where I am today. Yes, I have questioned my faith a time or two and no I am not proud of that, but I know I am being led to something better and the Lord will take care of me along the way. Next, is my wonderful family that I take care of every single day, all three of my boys, they keep me on my toes and make me laugh so hard that it hurts. The loves of my life, what wonderful blessings to have in my life. I love you, Doug, Eli and Nic. Then, I had a special person in my life from the time I was born until she passed away just over six years ago, and she is my Nana. The person I could always count on to be there, that is until I met Doug, then I had two. There are a few people in my life that are there from time to time but my strongest support comes from Doug and the boys. Thank you for being such a rock honey, you are the best husband and dad anyone could ask for! And we would follow you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preschool is officially over!

This morning was the last morning for school, nearly three months until we start back up again. Where has the time gone? I swear it was just a couple of months ago and Eli started preschool and we were getting all teary eyed and look it has come and gone just like that. As we were leaving this morning I noticed our lovely trash can was knocked over with trash everywhere, so instead of staying at school with Eli for the morning I came back home real quick, changed Nic and fed him breakfast (he and Doug decided to sleep in this morning), then broke out my rubber gloves and proceeded to pick up all of the trash. Who knew you could have so much trash in one week? It just looks like a lot when all the bags are tore open and everything is all over the place. But when a dog from the neighborhood decides they need to check out what is in there, what can you do, and we know which dog it is but the owners just let it run around the neighborhood. Nobody seems to mind and we do live in the country but it has chased after my car quite a few time while leaving the neighborhood. I don't like that at all. If this dog runs after my car when I am driving real slow and jumps up to my window, who is to say it will not do this to my children or somebody else's child or grandchild? Granted it lives in a house that has three small children but who is to say it will not come after someone he/she doesn't know. I have even thought to myself if you run under my car too bad, maybe you shouldn't chase after it. I know horrible.. Okay, enough about that rant back to preschool. After Nic was done eating, we loaded back up and went back to school where all the kids were at the playground having a ball. The teachers had two small pools and a sand table that were filled with water and everyone was soaked. It didn't take Nic long to join Eli in all the water fun. So glad I took a change of clothes for both of them. I will post pictures as soon as I have them uploaded. At 11:30 all the kids walked back to the school and said goodbye for the final time, it was so cute. I got the boys changed and we went down to the bowling alley and bowled two games with Eli's friend Adrian and his mom. We had such a fun and busy morning, now I can't wait for Eli to start next year and for him to have fun with that.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The G Free Diet

Whether you are conservative, liberal or the man on the moon you should stop by your local book store and pick up The G Free Diet by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I am only on chapter 3 but it is so informing and interesting to read you will not want to put it down. Why am I reading this? Well, we are trying to find out why Doug is having so much trouble with food, he is having so much pain in his stomach after eating certain things. After so much research and trying to find answers with numerous doctors, we have self diagnosed him with Celiac disease. What is celiac disease? It is a digestive disorder where your body has a toxic reaction to gluten. It is also an autoimmune disorder where your body attacks itself and is hereditary but not everyone experiences the symptoms, which there is a long list of. Untreated celiac disease can cause you to have problems with your health such as intestinal cancers, infertility, Type 1 diabetes, miscarriage and osteoporosis. What is interesting so far is that some doctors believe and evidence shows that celiac and gluten sensitivity can possibly influence mood and behavior disorders like ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder. Right know doctors are studying the link between gluten and autism spectrum disorders because they believe that if you remove gluten from the diet this can improve the condition.
For Doug to get his diagnosis he will need to have a celiac panel done, which is the first step. This test for the presence of antibodies associated with celiac, these include antiendomysial antibody, antigliadin antibody, tissue transglutaminase and total serum IgA. The next step in diagnosis is a endoscopy and small tissue biopsy, you only need to go through this if your celiac panel shows your risk level as high. Step three is genetic testing and this only needs to be done if step one and two prove inconclusive. So once we get his doctor to set it up we will be one our way to hopefully prove our self diagnosis and then change his diet. And hopefully getting him to feel better and eating healthy options so that he isn't hurting after he eats anymore.
I hope this helps anyone who may be experiencing problems after eating to go out and ask there doctor for a celiac panel to go and starting living a happier, healthier life.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day was such a wonderful day! The beautiful handprints below is what the boys gave me with the help of my wonderful husband, this year and they are so great! We had a good morning and then headed off to brunch at the Hilton Southern Hills in Tulsa. This was our third year to go and we love the tradition we started and love going and having the the great food that is provided. I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day and enjoyed this wonderful time with your families.

Beautiful handprint molds

Beautiful card Eli made at school

The outside of the card Eli made


Me, Nicolas, Grannie, Elijah & Mimi

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mom in a teenager's body

Oh don't I wish! If only I could be a small as I was in high school, actually I am not that far from it, those last six pounds are being quite stubborn. But that is not the subject I am talking about. This weather has my poor skin so confused it doesn't know what to do with itself. I was using a great face wash that has been working great since last summer. Then this lovely weather goes and changes on me. Is it going to be nice, hot and humid or cold? I sure wish the weather would just stay somewhat the same around here. But with this face wash, it obviously works great during the dry air of the fall and winter but here comes spring and it makes my face so oily it is unbelievable and now I feel like a teenager. Humid=oily with this face wash, also add in those crazy hormones we have and now my face is broke out like crazy. So I switched back to Proactiv last night, works great except in the winter makes my face way too dry. Hopefully, this will help and I can get back to not having to worry about feeling like a teenager, well at least on my face anyway.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pre-K in the Fall!

Preschool is almost over, only five more classes to go before summer break! This year has gone by so fast but going to school two mornings a week for three hours each time has really broke little man out of his shell. I have been told by his teacher that he is the class clown of sorts, I have to admit he is pretty funny, it will definitely be interesting to see how the new school year will go. Next year, he will go everyday but for only 2 1/2 hours each morning. Enrolling him on Tuesday morning was a little nerve wracking to think he would be in school everyday but this is part of growing up, I don't think I will have my breakdown until he is in school all day long (which will start the following year). Knowing that this time 5 years ago I was pregnant and we were anxiously awaiting his arrival can really make you emotional. Boy time does fly by way too fast! It is so true when everyone tells you to enjoy them while they are young because they do grow up a lot quicker that you expect.

November 2004 - 2 months old

Easter 2009 - 4 1/2 years old