Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Letter of confusion????

On Tuesday I received a letter from our Life Insurance Company, this is what it said.

Dear Mrs. .........

Please allow me this opportunity to apologize for the claim letter that was mailed to Mr. ...... This letter was mailed in error and we have corrected our records.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact our office.

Claims Department

Now understand my confusion while reading this knowing who this letter is coming from. We carry life insurance on both of us and with this insurance if something were to happen to either one of us or both then the house would be paid off. So, I set it aside and think nothing more of it until Doug gets home and then ask him about it. Well apparently, when he went to pay the premium the computer was showing no payment and sent to claims. He calls confused and finds out that apparently the insurance company received a death certificate for me and a claim was sent off so that our house would be paid off. So image my surprise when he tells me this. Last I checked I was alive and breathing at least I think I am, there are days that is debatable. Come to find out someone at the insurance office accidentally entered someone else's death certificate under my insurance and Bam, that is the end of me. You would think people would pay closer attention to important things like this. It makes you wonder what are people really doing at work and not paying attention to very important items such as this.

iHeartFaces- week 7

This is my photo entry for this weeks iHeartFaces contest ( I took this picture of Mr. Nicolas on his 2nd birthday, he was showing off his new NASCAR hat big brother Elijah got him. Go on over and look at the great entries that everyone is submitting and even submit one yourself, hurry though the contest entries ends this evening.>

Monday, February 23, 2009

Check yourself..please..

There is a plethora of information that can be found on the Internet, through your doctor or even at your local library on breast health. I have found a great website called that can give you a lot of information. I suggest reading the material regardless of how old or healthy you are. Look at me, 29 and having to go to the doctor because of what we hope is benign cysts, this we will hope to find out after my ultrasound. First of, check yourself regularly and if you find something suspicious go to the doctor. Mine sent me for a mammogram, more so uncomfortable than painful, if you can give birth you can handle this with ease. If the mammogram looks fine then you are good to go. In my case they found something (which we already knew) and now I go for an ultrasound to hopefully make sure it is benign, at least that is what the doctor is telling me. If you have had cysts or know someone who has then you know that can be painful, Tylenol does not always work for me. Next, you will go to a surgeon, to have the cysts aspirated and tested to be sure, this can relieve the pressure and pain immediately as well. So, stay on top of it and keep you health in check. We will find out what my next step is after the ultrasound and go from there. Which is going to be enjoying my family and continue to take care of myself and my family.

Need a new Stylist..

Thursday afternoon I decided it was time for a trim, it had been four months. Who has the time with two little monkeys running circles around me? So, I call my stylist and make an appointment for Friday afternoon. Let's just say don't make a grocery list and not pay attention to what your stylist is doing to your hair. Not only did she trim off more that I wanted her too but she also trimmed my bangs which I loved by the way and had them the length I wanted them to be. So, when I got to the car and looked in the mirror more closely I just cried and vowed to never go there again. This is the second time in a row she has done this and after 4 years of being my stylist, she is FIRED!!! Hubby says my hair looks fine but I know better and will continue to not like it until these stupid short bangs grow back out. So, if anyone out there has a great stylist in Owasso that they wouldn't mind sharing please let me know. I cannot take another bad haircut and need someone good, I don't care what they charge, mine was $50 and that was fine and dandy because I only go every three to four months. Thank goodness for my flat iron otherwise I would not be leaving this house.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mommy's new item

That's right ladies and gentlemen, mom can now be on the go and not have to set in the office all day and still get her work done or update her blog. A belated Christmas gift from the most wonderful husband in the world, it was out of stock at Christmas so I opted to wait and found and even better deal somewhere else. My favorite color is red but I chose this beautiful pink and you have got to love all of its features. Now if I could only figure out how to network this one with my home computer and not have to call geek squad, that would just make my day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off the face of the planet and back again...

Things over the past week have been unbelievably crazy. I am in charge the parent in charge of organizing the other parents and getting some donations for Eli's class basket for their auction they will be having at school in less than three weeks. The problem I am having is that only one mom is helping and this is causing me some major stress, to top it off not alot of companies are not really interested in donating items for the auction basket. We are waiting on results from my mammogram. I got a letter saying it was normal but then the nurse called and left a message Friday evening to call first thing Monday morning to talk to the Doctor about something important. Do you worry? Absolutely, I know I have a lot of cysts but now what? Do you aspirate for testing just to make sure or just monitor. This hanging around in the back of your mind in very un-nerving to say the least. To top it off Doug got hurt at work a couple of weeks ago and has been home, he starts physical therapy next week on his back and shoulder. And we think Eli might have a kidney stone, he has all the symptoms that go with it. So things have been just peachy around here and hopefully will get back to normal before to long. I have been working on paperwork and getting things in order for my business and getting things ready for my website, which needs to been done today. And what am I doing? Typing on my blog of course. Better start getting that done so I can start dinner in a little bit. More updates on the last week to come.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Last Friday was Doug's birthday and the boys and I decided to take him out to dinner. Our favorite steak place was packed (Logan's Roadhouse), so we decided to head over to Lonestar Steakhouse and it was busy but we had a table in twenty minutes, not too bad. Dinner was good and fast. I am pretty particular about my meat and it has to be burnt for me to even touch it, needless to say I always cut into burgers or steaks to make sure. Well mine as Doug put it was just out of the freezer and still mooing. So I snacked on some fries and the blooming onion we ordered and just told them to box it up so we could take it home. The boys loved their chicken and Doug always gets a filet. We had fun evening and came home and had a great cake (no I did not make it), Italian cream, oh so very delicous.

Opening the picture paintings the boys made him.

Melt in your mouth cake.

When mom is on the computer...

This is what occurs in my kitchen. All three 'boys' decide to race through my kitchen, dining room and living room back through the other entrance to the kitchen and around the the table in the kitchen to see who is fastest. The little ones can maneuver pretty fast and Dad needs to speed up some more. I am not sure what this means for their future, not sure if I can be a race mom that would be to nerve racking watching them at such I rates of speed. But I can take if for now at least it is in the house and not down the steep hill of a driveway.

After snapping a picture of their racing I decide to get back to my computer, very important I was catching up on reading blogs, my priorities are straight. Anyway, I hear laughing coming from the living room. What do I do? Go in there to look no, I grab my camera first and walk down the hall. This is what I find. Yes that is what you see.. Nic and Daddy standing on the coffee table getting ready to jump onto the couch and Eli landing. Now maybe it is me but I always tell them not to stand on the furniture but I guess the rules don't apply when Daddy is playing too.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo Tag...

I have a photo tag from Melinda where you are supposed to share the fourth picture out of the fourth folder on your computer. And I found this picture of Eli just a few weeks old, yes that is a full head of hair, he needed a haircut the moment he was born. No it did not ever fall out and yes I did have heartburn so very bad, Tums was my best friend during his pregnancy. This explains why we have to get a haircut about every two weeks with him. He has always been so alert and would hardly ever take a nap but he is like me, he is ready to go as soon as he wakes up. Nic on the other hand is like Doug, they could sleep all day and it takes them forever to get around.

So now I am suppose to tag four other people and I choose:

6 Happy Hearts
It's not Megan it's Megan
Mom 4 Him
From Chaos to Grace...

I look forward to seeing your picture ladies!!

Love these awards!!

I received this award from 6 Happy Hearts she shares her love of the Lord and I love reading the scriptures and lovely thoughts she shares. So stop on by and say "Hi".
There is a "rule" with this award. What's that saying, "rules are made to be broken"?!I'll stick w/this rule I guess??I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself.I'm going for random here people...
1. I too love wearing socks to bed as well but they never seem to be on in the morning.
2. I give myself a mini pedicure before I go get a pedicure, crazy I know!
3. I want at least one more child to add to our family.
4. I only drink water, except for the occasional mocha frappuchino, call me healthy.
5. I do not drink alcohol, it is just plain gross.
6. I am starting my own business, nerve racking but fun and everyone will know soon, I promise.
7. I always tell my family I love them, regardless if I am upset with them, they deserve to know how much they are loved.
So with that I pass this award on to some lovely ladies who also share their lives.

Such a lovely award..

My high school friend Megan at It's not Megan it's Megan has bestowed a wonderful award on little ol' me. And I thank her very much. I have some good pictures of us from high school but I will wait to share those another time. It is such an honor to receive this award and it means so much. Who knew sharing my thoughts about everyday life would make other people laugh sometimes. Megan shares everything in her life, her love of the Lord, family and photography. If you haven't read here blog stop on by because her posts can make you laugh and cry at the same time.
I can hear the boys laughing so I better go check on them, which usually means they are up to no good. Either climbing on furniture or making a mess with all their toys. So I am supposed to bestow this on three lovely bloggers and it is such a hard decision so here it goes:
Dana at From chaos to Grace... she shares her everyday tribulations and love of the Lord and she is such a wonderful photographer.
Melinda at Bloggin' it from the 'Burbs who shares everything about her boys, great recipes and great photographs.
Emily at The Heart of Life she is down right hilarious mixed in with a little sarcasm every now and then and her adventures with her kiddos are fun to read about.
So there you go ladies and fun and enjoy your award. Now I better go check on those monkeys before they tear everything up.