Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lackadaisical Blogging

My lack of blogging the last few months, isn't because I do not have anything to say. Matter of fact I have a lot to say, I just was not sure how to put them into words and it has been, to say the least, an emotional roller coaster of sorts. The last four and a half months have been busy and worrisome for us. We were told Doug had the one thing you do not ever want to hear. Then we have to wait on our insurance and the doctor to call back with an appointment set up for follow-up for everything, after a week we call back and find out the doctor is no longer there and everything was up in the air. He is then transferred to the partner, who has a major patient overload now because of everything that happened. A biopsy is scheduled and comes back negative, which we are so thankful for. In the mean time we are stressed about everything, so we focus on the boys and plan their birthday parties, soccer games on Saturdays and the fair. Right after Eli's birthday at the end of September I was baptized at the lake, Doug had his biopsy the next day. Then a couple of weeks later I realize that I am pregnant. That undeniable feeling you get and low and behold the lovely nauseousness presents itself. I begin to not feel well a few days later and realize that we were having a miscarriage. A huge emotional blow because we had been waiting for so long. The next day Doug gets the flu then Eli gets sick and we have to postpone Nic's party with all of this happening in one week. We reschedule Nic's party for the following week and then my 30th birthday follows a few days later. In the meantime Doug is going to the doctor to try and find out what is going on, it seems that no one can figure it out. He is stressed out about work because he is so sick and they were hassling him because of it. Even though we are both emotional wrecks with everything going on we push forward for us and our family knowing things will eventually be okay. We have prayed a lot, had a wonderful time with the boys during Thanksgiving and Christmas and celebrated our 9th anniversary at the end of December. Doug is working for a different company and loves being able to focus more on his customers and not how many prescriptions they can get through in one day. He has seen another doctor who sent off a ton of blood work and we are awaiting all of those results. But as of late, you can see a difference in him, his appetite is back and he isn't as stressed out and sick. We are hoping for good news to come and have gotten back to the basics of God, Prayer and Focusing of our Family.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was memorable for all of us and definitely unforgettable with the weather, which I loved. We had an extended winter vacation, like most schools here and enjoyed every minute of it. Christmas Eve afternoon we loaded up and headed to Broken Arrow to Mimi and Papa's for pizza and gifts then we were going to go to Grannie's but those plans were postponed because of the blizzard. After having a ball at Mimi & Papa's we loaded up for our drive home, which normally takes about 40 minutes took us 2 1/2 hours with a few stops to clean wiper blades and a bathroom break we finally made it home to put too very tired boys to bed after we wrote a letter to Santa and set out cookies, milk and a coke and left reindeer food out the front door. The next morning we had so much fun watching them open their gifts and then I got started on our traditional family lunch. After Nic's nap we loaded up and went back to Mimi & Papa's and for more fun and food.

These are the gifts that Eli made at school for us, a great family treasure for years to come.

Eli & Nic playing sword fighting on the Wii with Daddy & Papa.

Our tree before the boys found their gifts.

The boys opening their gifts from Santa.

And presents from Mommy & Daddy.

Then on to their stockings and they had quite a few items in there. We had a wonderful Christmas season and hope you and your families did too.