Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy month ahead

After I picked Eli up from preschool I look in his bag to see what activity he did today, but low and behold there is October's newsletter and all of the activities this month. Who knew one little guy would have more things going on in his little social life than his parents? We have a least two things going on every week and that doesn't include doctor visits. Which Eli goes for his 4 year check up tomorrow. Our church will be receiving their pumpkins on the 11th (also my mother- in-law's 60th birthday party) and the Pumpkin Patch will officially open on the 13th, yes. Nic's birthday is in two weeks and he will have his 2 year check up. My birthday is at the end of the month, the dreaded 29, man I am getting old! Halloween festival and trick or treating, love that! And somewhere in there we are wanting to do a family picture with a photographer at the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch. Not to mention everything Eli already has going on at school. This is our busy time of year, I can't wait until the middle of November then things will slow down, but then you have to gear up for Christmas. Not really that bad, I tend to do my shopping on line, especially with the boys being older and can remember what you are shopping for. But as Doug always says once August hits before to long it's Christmas and you are wondering where the time has gone.

One party down, one to go

As everyone knows, Mr. Elijah just turned the big 4 years old. Now in less than 2 1/2 weeks my baby boy blue will be turning 2! Where does the time go? It doesn't seem that long ago that this monkey just arrived and now we are wanting to add one more, the final one to be exact (not sure I can handle more than one more pregnancy). When we got married we decided we wanted 4 children (Doug wanted all girls), that's right lot's of babies, now we have come to an agreement on shooting for a girl (pardon the pun), but if another boy is in the cards then I am well on my way to a basketball team.
I get home this morning and this is what I find, Dad has given Nic a big boy cup with a removable straw not one with a sippy lid, luckily it doesn't spill very easily, no milk on our cute Mickey Mouse pajamas.
Drinking big boy style.

Every morning the boys love either pancakes or toaster waffles with a doughnut and small bowl of cereal (they are going to eat us out of house and home).

Deciding to cheese it up for the camera before he gets dressed.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Elijah!!!!!

Sorry my pictures are a little out of order, I didn't upload in the correct order. These are pictures of our precious little man from birth through now. Enjoy!

Our first official picture after Eli was born.

Eli on his 1st birthday at the Zoo.

2nd birthday party with Daddy and Mimi helping him open presents.

A quick picture on his 3rd birthday after dinner.

Our big boy is growing up so fast!!

After a very long night of labor, but well worth it. A little chunk, Eli weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 1/2" long.

A picture of me and him right after he was born.

Daddy holding his first son!

After such a long journey he decided he needed some shut eye.

Home from the hospital and enjoying some loving.

Birth story as promised!

Well here it is the ending of my pregnancy and the wonderful journey of parenthood. After our doctor visit Doug and I come home make sure I have everything packed and ready to go and relax. We decided that the next day we would drive into Tulsa together, he had a meeting and I had last minute things to do. After I drop him off I head over to Utica Square to look at birth announcements seeing if I could find anything I like, I am pretty particular. Anyway I get done there and head to another store to check out what they had and of course nothing I liked. Decide to stop at Sonic and grab some lunch, a coney (my loving craving during my pregnancy with him), I then drive over to Promenade Mall. The Motherhood store has a lip balm that I wanted and by then I was just killing time until Doug was through with his meeting. I park the car and feel a little weird, thought it was the coney, and proceed to walk into the main entrance, now here's the kicker. As soon as I get into the mall I feel like I need to go to the bathroom, duh, I'm nine months pregnant, not only that I felt like I peed my pants. I get into the bathroom and realize my water just broke and there is fluid and some blood all over me and on the floor. I am still not panicked until I walk out of the stall and see an older lady washing her hands I calmly ask her to help me because I think my water has broken. What does she do? Takes off out of the bathroom like a bolt of lightening. As I make my way out of the bathroom I sit on a bench and proceed to call Doug but his phone is off because of the meeting and then I realize I have the car. So I am trying to get the number of the district office from information when a security guard comes walking out of an office and then the lady also shows back up. We go into the office to look up the phone number and I am able to get a hold of someone who finally can get Doug and bring him to the mall, luckily he was only a few miles away. I tell the security guards I would like to wait in the car, not in any pain or having contractions. Yet they give me a towel and I end up walking by myself to the car and decide to start calling everyone. I call my doctor, who is out of town for the weekend, so I get some nut head who is covering for him and this is who I had to deal with during my labor. Doug finally arrives and we start to the hospital, I half jokingly tell him we may as well go home and get everything since I am not having contractions, he didn't think that was very funny. We arrive at South Crest, man do I love that hospital, and they start me on pitocin around 2:30 p.m., my water broke around 1:00, about 3:00 the contractions are starting to begin. At five I decide to have a pain shot because I didn't want an epidural, but I was already dilated to a five. I got another shot around six but they were making me so sick and the room was spinning everywhere and some had brought Doug something to eat and that smell also does a number on you when you are in labor. Finally by seven I was dilated to seven and not feeling the greatest, personally I think my labor was going way to fast and I couldn't take those pain shots anymore and decided to have an epidural and by 7:30 it was done. Not only was my epidural only working on half of my body it completely stopped my labor, so I was still feeling everything. This went on the rest of the night and every time that doctor came in I wanted to kick him in the head and I also did while I was pushing. Finally at 5:00 the nurse said lets start pushing and it took two hours to get him out, Doug and a nurse got thrown up on him the process. I tore pretty bad and have to have a lot of stitches but it was worth it. I still believe had I not gotten an epidural I probably would have had him before midnight as fast as my labor was progressing but I guess we will never know. Well that is Eli's birth story, we joke around saying he was proving the doctor wrong by not wanting to wait another week and he was born the day before his due date.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4 years ago today....

On this day four years ago I went to what I hoped would be my final doctor's visit before our new addition to our family arrived. Upon the end of the exam my doctor informed me that I was just starting to dilate and would most likely take a while, at least another week, before I was ready to have this monkey. So we scheduled another visit for the next Thursday and would be going in to be induced after that, finally we would meet this little person who had been doing a break dance in my uterus. I had a great pregnancy with Eli, although we didn't want to know what we were having, the only thing major was the horrible heartburn. Tums were my best friend from the get go and I always had them with me no matter what. For the ultrasound we asked the doctor not to tell us and you could tell he was having a hard time not saying anything for the remainder of my pregnancy. But we were fully prepared, we even picked out a boy and girl outfit to take with us to the hospital, bags were packed, car seat ready, we were just waited for d-day to arrive. Doug wanted all girls and look what we have, just goes to show you shouldn't say things out loud all of the time. Although I wouldn't trade my boys for anything in the world. I will let everyone know more probably tomorrow, I promise it is definitely scary and a little funny (at least now anyway).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Boys left alone for a few minutes

This is what happens when the boys are left alone for a few minutes while I fold some laundry.

Nic undresses and climbs in his crib.

Eli thinks he must join Nic in his crib.

Nic decides everything must go in the floor.

(At least he didn't clear out all of the drawers)

Who knew playing could be so much fun!!!


My little monkey or bruiser as we have called him since he was born otherwise known as Nicolas sure knows how to make his mom's heart jump and keeps her on her toes. His latest discover is climbing into his crib, not necessarily climbing but diving. He steps up on the rail and can't quite climb over the rail just yet so instead he leans over and dives in, very hilarious to watch. No I don't have any pictures my memory card is full, apparently I need to get one that holds more pictures, I believe there is at least 180 pictures on there. Mr. Nic can get in but can't get out, which I love by the way because once he is able to get out that means a big boy bed and I am not ready to turn him loose just yet. He has also figured out how to climb up on the counters without using a chair all he had to do was watch Eli a couple of times. Not once but twice last night did he do this while I was vacuuming. We have a jar of Dum Dum suckers on the counter, now they are on top of the refrigerator, if he can figure out how to get up there I am definitely in trouble.

Eli or bubba as we call him is my instigator, he always tells Nic what to do and of course Nic always does whatever it is. Pretty clever thinking for a little guy, knowing he is not the one who is going to get in trouble, but alas, mom figured it out pretty quickly but you can't be slow on your feet because there is always something new around the corner. This week is a busy week, I have at least two things to do outside of my house everyday except today. I am going to try and get things done early tomorrow morning or late afternoon because I would love to go watch the high school softball game. Some people might not like it but I love it! My old high school is coming up here to play and they aren't doing to shabby this year, apparently they think they might make it to state this year and they haven't been since I was a freshman. Oh the memories of playing, it was some of the most fun I ever had growing up. Well better get back to the laundry and my little monkey is waking from his nap.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greatest person I know

My husband is by far the greatest person I know, I am not saying that because I love him but because he is a genuine, kind, caring and the most helpful person. He always puts his family first before himself and everyone else, which is the way it should be. Doug loves helping people especially when they come in and cannot afford their medicine. I can't count how many times he tells me he has paid for someones prescription or helped them pay for it. He doesn't hesitate when it comes to someone in need. Why I am saying this about him? Glad you asked. Doug has been helping his always drunk older brother out a lot, much more so the past few years. But there comes a time when you have to just let them figure it out all on their own. Doug has been working hard and traveling a lot and apparently he is supposed to drop everything and drive over 4 hours to help out, you know who. Not only that he received 20 voice mails on his phone being cussed at and probably called every name imaginable. Some way to treat the person that is doing everything for you, huh? He calls me and tell me this and I try to calm him down and get him to relax, not easy when you are not there with him. Not only that this, excuse my language, imbecile threatens to show up at my son's 4th birthday party. Now you know those are fighting words and anybody who would even try and ruin my child's day can expect the wrath of me. There comes a time in your life when you have to draw the line and this would be now. Doug has officially told me that is it, no more, can you blame him? I support him 100%, our family is what is important not someone who would treat their own sibling like dirt.

Doug reading the boys their Bible stories

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New mommy friendship?

We received our first RSVP today from one of Eli's classmates, yeah! I hope more are able to come, we scheduled the party for dinner time on next Friday night, yes I know what was I thinking! Doug and I are feeding everyone pizza so hope they enjoy. Anyway, I talked to this little boy's mom for 45 minutes and we have never even met before. That's right our children are in the same class two days a week and we don't know each other. Matter of fact I don't think any of the parents really talk to one another, they mainly drop their children off from their cars and leave, I take Eli into his classroom, but I am quite protective of my boys (not quite sure if that is good or bad yet, hopefully good). But let me tell you I had a ball talking to her, we talked about a lot of things and guess what she likes to run, so maybe her and I can go running while the boys are in school. I don't really have any close mom friends, I guess you would call them acquaintances with children the same age but none that I would confide in and just open up to. But we really have never had the chance with kids running around and every one going different directions and living in different towns. I hope we get to know each other more and obviously the boys would have fun playing together. You never know until you try, guess we will have to wait and see what happens. Until my next post....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's happenings, so far anyway

The day starts good, but a little cold I must say. Eli and I leave to take him to school, Nic still asleep and Doug most likely going back to sleep also. But before we get in the car I noticed our huge trash can knocked over and our trash all over the street. I remembered waking up in the middle of the night and thought I heard something funny(Doug goes and picks it up after I get home and before trash is picked up). My neighbor called this afternoon to tell me her husband ran off a big white German Shepard we he got home last night, I don't know how a dog could have knocked it over but it could be possible. My theory is the newspaper delivery person backed over it or hit it when they pull into our driveway to turn around, I know they deliver anywhere between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning. Guess we will never know.

I ordered Eli's party supplies today, according to their website they ship out the same day if you order by 3 central time and you should have it anywhere between 1 and 3 business days. Sounds like a plan to me and shipping was free if you order over $55. We were going to paint his room but found these backdrop banners 8' X 23'(kind of like those fat head deals that stick to the wall and can be moved). That way once he is over the whole Disney Cars we can peal it away and decorate how he wants. Definitely a better plan than painting and buying all of the decorations he will outgrow within a few years. I will try to post his invitation later so everyone can see how it turned out.

It is hard to believe it is already September and that means time for the fair, which starts on Eli's birthday this year. We love going at least once but try to go twice each year, Eli might actually be able to ride some rides this year. This time of year seems to fly by so fast, in a few weeks is Nic's birthday and mine is the following week and before long Christmas and our anniversary. We have a lot going on in the next few months good thing I have calendars and my phone otherwise nothing would be remembered, the whole mommy brain gets in the way sometimes and things will slip right out of your mind. Better get back to the laundry is sure won't put itself away.

Elijah's funny quote of the day, "I don't like them, they are not delicious." His response to my question of why he didn't eat his Spider man gummies.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not a daddy's little girl

For anybody who ever grew up without their dad most likely knows how I feel. Not saying I didn't have a dad, I did have a step dad but that is a whole other story I really don't want to get into. My biological father, yeah that's a good term for him, believe me I do love my dad it's just even after everything you would think he would want to be in my life, I am an adult now. My parents divorced around the time I was two or right before and my brother is 14 months younger than me. Needless to say we didn't have the best relationship in the world with him. Not only that he went and had another family, I know not all that uncommon then or now. But still to know that your own father goes and has three more children, actually two because my step mom was already pregnant when they got together, unbelievable I know (to this day she, my "step"sister has no clue, that is unless she reads my blog, which I doubt). To know your own father wants nothing to do with you the whole time you are growing up can really do wonders for your self esteem. Apparently, now that I am an adult he wants to be in my life, hard for me to believe when he lives across the lake from me, maybe 20 miles if that, and I haven't heard or seen him since February, on top of that my brother has been in Iraq since January and not a peep to find out how he is doing or when he will be home. Or how about not coming to high school graduation or wedding for that matter. My step dad walked me down the aisle and it was the most perfect day I could have every asked for.

I have been told over the last few years it was all my mom and step dad's fault, I can see that but I also find it hard to believe too. How can you not want to see your children or even fight to see them if you really love them? I am so glad my children have a loving home and family and will always know how much their parents love them. Sometimes I just want to scream and say I am your oldest child, why don't you care or love me? Not that he did a bang up job raising his other children. On top of that he now has nine grandchildren but only sees the five he really cares about, which leaves out my two and my brother's two. I know this must sound petty but this is how I feel at times. Believe me my life wasn't grand growing up but I love it now and I love my family, they are the best people to have ever come into my life.

I know I am just rambling on about my feelings but something just hit me today and made me think about it, so I thought why not write/type it down, it may help me feel a little better. And it does to an extent maybe one of these days I will say something to him, that is if he ever talks to me. I will continue to work on my forgiveness and I will just keep reading PSALM 32 over and over.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Achieving contentment

We are currently doing a sermon series at church on contentment, today was part four "Our Part in Achieving Contentment" of our five part series, titled "Breaking Through the Barriers to Contentment". Personally for me each of these discussions has made me examine what is occurring in my life and how I can and should change it for the better. Today we covered Philippians 4:10-13(NIV).

"I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last you have renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you have been concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it. I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

Just reading the scripture and listening to the sermon makes you want to realign your life by breaking down barriers that can sometimes get in the way of your thinking, your life's ambitions and your values. It makes you think, how am I contributing to my life and the lives of others? Am I good wife and mother? Am I giving everything to everyone I should or only what I feel comfortable in doing and holding back? What can I do to better myself and my family, how can I change our lives for the better? Not that I am complaining about my life, sometimes you just feel like you can do or give more, like something is missing in the picture. Not easy for you or anybody to do but it must be done to achieve contentment. How do you focus more of yourself and your spirituality, when as a wife and mom you also make sure your family is content as well? Yes the answer may be simple your family is happy and content if your are happy and content, right? To find out you must quit being occupied by life in general because you are not always able to enjoy the journey, sometimes you have to break away the barriers, whatever they may be and realign your life with Jesus.

We were given three things to do this week and I hope everyone does this not just during the week but everyday. First, we must take the time, renew your mind, and get into the word of Jesus. Second, spend time reflecting on your life's ambitions, whatever they may be. And finally, be sure to ask GOD to help you see the bigger picture. Not always easy tasks because everyday life can get in the way, but with a little determination we can't get through anything especially this. There are days when I don't even feel myself or want to get out of bed but I have a family depending on me and I must get up and get the day going. Sometimes I walk into church unsure of myself because everything seems to beat you down all at once and then throughout the service it is like a weight is slowly lifted off my shoulders and I see everything a little different. Sorry about the rambling but I wanted to share in hopes that it might help someone else reflect on their life as well and where we can all do better with the LORD in our lives.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need my wake up drink!!! Now!

After my 3:30 wake up call this morning of Eli saying, "Mommy, mommy", I knew it was going to be a long day. I give him Tylenol for his ear ache, knowing all to well he probably has an ear infection from all of the drainage he has had. Back to bed he goes and thirty minutes later he has to go to the bathroom and we do this song and dance until 5:30. Finally he comes to bed with me and conks out, then daddy's alarm clock and then mine goes off at 6:00 and he doesn't budge. But wakes up when I get up to go to the bathroom, knowing all to well he isn't going to school today I get him to go back to sleep until 7:20. Dad leaves for work @ 7 and I decide do I want to get going now or in a little while. I finally get around while Eli watches T.V. (I know horrible, right?), at 8:15 he tells me, "mommy I think I am going to throw up and then proceeds to in my bathtub." He then states he feels better and is ready to go to school. Kids they can be funny when they want to do something, even if they don't feel good. Get a doctor's appointment for 9:40, may as well get Nic checked on to, he is still not sounding that great. Doc states Eli has an ear infection and gives him an antibiotic, easy right that is until Nic gets his turn. Doc thinks his lungs sound great especially with the albuterol treatments but wants to change to Pulmicort (steroid) this will hopefully clear out all of the gunk since the albuterol did it's job and opened up his airways. Says he has reactive airway disease, in others words when he gets a cold, allergies or anything we will have to do these treatments. He doesn't have asthma, thank goodness, if he did he would be having asthma attacks, not all of this junk that is going on. So we try this new stuff for a week to see how well it helps clear him up. So instead of school we hit the lovely doctor's office this morning, yeah fun times in the rain.

Back to my title of this post. I am thinking to myself at the doctor's office I am definitely hitting Starbucks on the way home, that shot of caffeine is what I need. Low and behold I drive a few miles down there and the place is closed down, not just for the day but completely out of business. They were just in business two weeks ago, what in the world happened! I was so looking forward to that wonderful drink and I don't even get to have it! I drive in this lovely rain home pouting to myself wanting that wonderful shot of mocha frappuccino and that all goes down the drain in one swoop.

We arrive home and I proceed to get lunch ready, Eli goes to bed and falls asleep by 12:20 (not like him at all, never been a nap taker, but who wouldn't be tired being up off and on since 3:30 in the morning) and Nic and I are in the kitchen eating lunch. Nic goes down at 1:00 for a couple of hours and here I am typing away trying to keep myself awake, I do not drink pop, just water and my occasional Starbucks. Eli just woke up and is eating a late lunch and tells me his ear feels better, I put numbing drops in it before he went to sleep. I have a teacher's conference tonight with Eli's teacher, still not sure if I am going to make dinner or we will eat out, I will just have to see how the rest of the afternoon goes. Oh, how this day has become so long.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Concert tonight, wish we were going

It's official the new BOK arena is open and the concerts are rolling in. I have a few favorite artist's, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney are a few. Well tonight is the Kenny Chesney concert, the first time he has been back to Tulsa in 4 years. How do I remember, well I was six months pregnant will Mr. Elijah, not a bad summer to be pregnant I might add. Anyway, before we had kids we loved going and doing everything, especially concerts. The first time we set up close, which was Lonestar (which I won and we gave the tickets I bought to my Nana and his mom and fun to go with them), that was it, Doug said we would always be up front no matter what. So he spoiled me a little bit, we go to see Tim McGraw in 2003 on the 3rd row and the above mentioned concert while pregnant on the 4th row. Now I know why Eli likes country music so much, I remember always feeling him kick while at the concert. Anyway that was the last one we attended before our children arrived, my how things have changed in 4 short years. I guess once you have seen them once then that's good enough but we have seen both twice and they were so much fun. Maybe once more entertainers are announced we can plan ahead a little more (i.e. babysitter and dinner before hand, but that is a luxury now). But this is just me wanting to get out of the house and have fun with my husband for a while, just like we used to.

Speaking of my husband, just about as I was to fall asleep last night he asked me a weird question.
"Do you still love me like you used to?"
I respond, "What are you talking about? Yes, I Love You!"
"It just feels different." he states.
My response, "I still love you, actually more than I ever have. We have two beautiful boys now and have been married almost 8 years and together 8 1/2. Our relationship is growing and changing all of time, this is what you want."

That was the end of our conversation. Not quite sure what it was all about. My guess is because he has been working so much and we don't get to spend a lot of time together and when we do it is usually with both boys in tow. Because our anniversary and Valentine's Day are within a month and a half of each other, usually when we go out for grown up time, we kind on hold out until our anniversary again to go out again. A little lame I know, we need to find and carve out our time together. But sometimes the best thing is watching a movie in bed on pay-per-view, because obviously we don't go see them when they come out in the movie theater. Like I said before we had children we did everything, concerts, NASCAR race in Texas, bowling every Saturday night and went to the Bahamas a couple of times. They say everything changes once your children arrive and it does, you just have to learn and adjust as time goes on, making that time for each other when you can. You just have to love every minute you have because you never know what is going to happen next.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

People amaze me at church

Today starts out as a great day, I get up and get the day going, get the boys up for breakfast and we slowly get ready for church. We arrive right on time, great start. After I drop the boys off in the nursery I head over to the sanctuary for the service. Now I know I go to a small town church and people come to church most likely in their best clothes or at least I think they do. Anyway, many people wear jeans, I can see this with guys and wearing a dress shirt but women in jeans and a t-shirt, come on, a little bit of effort to look nice wouldn't hurt. This is just the way I think and feel and I am sure it will offend someone, but my belief is that you should look nice and presentable for church, everyone has their own version of Sunday best I know. This bothers me a little but I can get past that since like I said Oologah is just a small town and everyone is so nice.

Back to what really bothered me this morning. Well, during the service people kept getting up a walking to the front of the church to exit and come back in that way. Hello, completely rude and disrespectful to everyone listening to the sermon, there are exits at the back of the church, two to be exact. Not only that, the teenagers just amaze me at doing this quite a few times, does anyone ever go over these forms of respect anymore? Maybe it is just me, but unless I was ill, coughing nonstop or being paged by the nursery, I personally would not move, just out of respect for my fellow parishioner's. I know teenagers think they are all that but come on, going in and out multiple times in 1 hour, this is just ridiculous. How can anyone focus on the sermon and hymnals when there are people doing as they please? Like I said these are my thoughts and feelings and I know this may not bother others like it does me, but I know there are a few that most likely feel the the same way.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Good read every now and then

I have read this book probably twice a year for the past 6 years, and I love it. If you are a Methodist then you have probably heard of Dr. Terry Teykl and you will love the book if you read it. He was here, well at Claremore First United Methodist a few years ago and did a sermon, my mother-in-law said she loved it and so did Doug's uncle (he is a Methodist pastor, who also married us). Anyway, he wrote this book in hopes that this would motivate churches and give them what they need to accomplish prayer evangelism. It is not meant for Methodists only but for every Christian and help them to unite in prayer. One of my favorite parts in his book states:

If we are going to pray a new price, we must have a vision, because prayer and vision are marvelously interrelated. Vision is the pulley designed to lift prayer off the dock of mundane, religious routine. They feed on each other, each drawing us closer and tighter to the heart of God and His purpose. Prayer without vision is mechanical, and vision without prayer is directionless and short-lived.

It is not always easy to set aside everything and pray especially when everyday life gets in the way. I have noticed in the past few years at our small beautiful church a big change in the growth of our church. Land was bought, our prayer and vision of our new church being built is slowly becoming a reality and with that vision and prayer our congregation appears to be growing with more and more children, which is the greatest gift of all and how the church will continue to grow with them. It is just amazing how awesome prayer and determination go hand in hand.

Doug and I read our boys their Bible stories every night, at least five a night, and at the end of each story it states, "GOD LOVES ME." Nicolas really gets into that part because he pats his chest as he says it and gets so excited when we get to the end of the story. Elijah is to the point that he can tell us the stories almost before we can even get part of the way through them. We then say our prayer together and the go to bed. I love the fact that my boys are learning and loving the Bible and know that GOD loves then no matter what.

Eli has put two and two together and finally asked, "Am I the prophet Elijah?" We tell him that is where we got his name. Well last night we read about Jonah as we have many times and he turned around and looked at us and said, "My friend Jonah gets eaten by a big fish?" We tried not to laugh and told him his friend from school was fine but the story was about a different Jonah from a long time ago.

Anyway back to the book, I love it and would recommend it to anyone. At the end of each chapter study questions are provided to you analyze even more. And at the end of the book he has also provided personal prayer helps for preparation, practical tips and principles. He also has given a 101 creative prayer ideas and I have noticed my church and myself using some. I hope to accomplish all of them very soon.

I need some mommy time

Do you every have those days every once in a while and say "hey I need a little bit of me time?" It is not always that easy, chasing kids around, doing laundry, cleaning the house and the list goes on and on. I used to relish the fact that every three weeks, sometimes two, I would get to go and get a spa pedicure. Call me spoiled but I love them and they are relaxing. I have an hour to not think about anything and just relax, read a magazine and feel like I am "Daniele" again and not just mommy or honey. But I haven't had one since June (doing them yourself really doesn't count), with Doug working alot and me taking care of the boys, who has time. It is not always easy trying to paint your toes and keep the boys from getting into everything at the same time, especially when they want to know what are you doing. Doug doesn't get alot of down time either and this is what we signed up for when we decided to have children. It's just that sometimes you don't always feel appreciated for everything you do, especially when they are sick and dad's out of town. I guess being supermom for my boys takes on a whole new meaning. You better believe that Starbucks in Claremore will most likely be getting my business two mornings a week after Eli goes to preschool, although Nic will be with me, he pretty much chills in his car seat on the ride home. Take what you can get, when you can get it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boys are feeling better

Now that the boys are starting to feel better, guess who is feeling like crap, you guessed it numero uno. Personally, I think it is something in the air, I have never had this problem before until Sunday, every time I walk outside I am constantly sneezing. The sinus pressure and the constant sneezing is unreal, at least I got the horrible headache to stop. Maybe with the rain it will help get rid of whatever is in the air. Trying to get Eli and Nic better and then toting Eli off to school and coming home to play with Nic before we go back and pick Eli up from school is hard when you are having trouble functioning. Nic's breathing treatments are going great, we do three a day, morning, after nap and before bed. There is one downside to these treatments is that they wire this boy up, big time. They go to bed at 8:30 on the dot, well Eli is asleep pretty quick because of this long day. Nic on the other hand you would have thought that boy was at the playground or a concert. Listening to him on the monitor was unreal, he was squealing and laughing and shaking the rail on his crib. I went in there a few times, his room looked like a war zone. The only thing left in his bed was him. He has a pillow, blanket, two Binky's (I know horrible, but the only way he will go to sleep), a few animals and a stuffed football, all were in the floor. The next time I went to get him quiet they were all in his laundry basket. And the last time I finally got him to lay down and covered him up, I noticed he had knocked the "s" off the wall which we have hanging on his wall that spells out his name. We have to keep up the breathing treatments until we are sure we here no congestion at all. So I am sure every night is going to be this entertaining, and somehow Eli managed to sleep through all of this and he is right next door. Now if only I could get rid of this gunk we would all be back to our normal selves.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Everyone always has their two cents to add

The last few days I have been thinking about when the boys were babies and how you get random input from people you don't even know. For example, I was at the store one day, mind you with Eli in hand when he was a baby, on the water aisle looking for nursery water for his formula. This elderly lady, maybe she wasn't elderly, probably in her sixties, anyway she decides to give me her two cents worth. As I am putting the nursery water in the basket, next to the formula, she states, "that stuff is poison, you are poisoning your baby." Not only that she then tells me, "you should be breastfeeding that is what is best for him." Well duh, but she didn't know my story or why I had to buy formula. I am not going to say or type what I was thinking, but I am sure everyone can image my thoughts. I calmly stated, "this is how he eats," and went about my business. Although, I am sure my face was completely red and I wanted to take that water and dump it over her head, that is putting it nicely. I came home and told Doug what happened all the while tears are streaming down my face, how can people be so rude, maybe she didn't know any better, or that is just the way she is. Yes there are people out there that think they know what is best, but they have no idea what is best for you and your family, only you do. I know I was not poisoning my son and I hate the fact that someone I didn't even know had the gall to say that to me. To this day it still makes me a little mad, oh yeah, he is perfectly healthy and happy and a soon to be 4 year old.