Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Concert tonight, wish we were going

It's official the new BOK arena is open and the concerts are rolling in. I have a few favorite artist's, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney are a few. Well tonight is the Kenny Chesney concert, the first time he has been back to Tulsa in 4 years. How do I remember, well I was six months pregnant will Mr. Elijah, not a bad summer to be pregnant I might add. Anyway, before we had kids we loved going and doing everything, especially concerts. The first time we set up close, which was Lonestar (which I won and we gave the tickets I bought to my Nana and his mom and fun to go with them), that was it, Doug said we would always be up front no matter what. So he spoiled me a little bit, we go to see Tim McGraw in 2003 on the 3rd row and the above mentioned concert while pregnant on the 4th row. Now I know why Eli likes country music so much, I remember always feeling him kick while at the concert. Anyway that was the last one we attended before our children arrived, my how things have changed in 4 short years. I guess once you have seen them once then that's good enough but we have seen both twice and they were so much fun. Maybe once more entertainers are announced we can plan ahead a little more (i.e. babysitter and dinner before hand, but that is a luxury now). But this is just me wanting to get out of the house and have fun with my husband for a while, just like we used to.

Speaking of my husband, just about as I was to fall asleep last night he asked me a weird question.
"Do you still love me like you used to?"
I respond, "What are you talking about? Yes, I Love You!"
"It just feels different." he states.
My response, "I still love you, actually more than I ever have. We have two beautiful boys now and have been married almost 8 years and together 8 1/2. Our relationship is growing and changing all of time, this is what you want."

That was the end of our conversation. Not quite sure what it was all about. My guess is because he has been working so much and we don't get to spend a lot of time together and when we do it is usually with both boys in tow. Because our anniversary and Valentine's Day are within a month and a half of each other, usually when we go out for grown up time, we kind on hold out until our anniversary again to go out again. A little lame I know, we need to find and carve out our time together. But sometimes the best thing is watching a movie in bed on pay-per-view, because obviously we don't go see them when they come out in the movie theater. Like I said before we had children we did everything, concerts, NASCAR race in Texas, bowling every Saturday night and went to the Bahamas a couple of times. They say everything changes once your children arrive and it does, you just have to learn and adjust as time goes on, making that time for each other when you can. You just have to love every minute you have because you never know what is going to happen next.

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