Monday, September 1, 2008

Everyone always has their two cents to add

The last few days I have been thinking about when the boys were babies and how you get random input from people you don't even know. For example, I was at the store one day, mind you with Eli in hand when he was a baby, on the water aisle looking for nursery water for his formula. This elderly lady, maybe she wasn't elderly, probably in her sixties, anyway she decides to give me her two cents worth. As I am putting the nursery water in the basket, next to the formula, she states, "that stuff is poison, you are poisoning your baby." Not only that she then tells me, "you should be breastfeeding that is what is best for him." Well duh, but she didn't know my story or why I had to buy formula. I am not going to say or type what I was thinking, but I am sure everyone can image my thoughts. I calmly stated, "this is how he eats," and went about my business. Although, I am sure my face was completely red and I wanted to take that water and dump it over her head, that is putting it nicely. I came home and told Doug what happened all the while tears are streaming down my face, how can people be so rude, maybe she didn't know any better, or that is just the way she is. Yes there are people out there that think they know what is best, but they have no idea what is best for you and your family, only you do. I know I was not poisoning my son and I hate the fact that someone I didn't even know had the gall to say that to me. To this day it still makes me a little mad, oh yeah, he is perfectly healthy and happy and a soon to be 4 year old.

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