Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now for an update

As in my previous post, my boys are sick but the upside is they are starting to feel better. Nic's congestion is breaking up and Eli sounds very nasal right now, which is a little cute. For anyone who has ever used a nebulizer knows, not the easiest thing for a baby, excuse me toddler, to get used to. But my little man appears to be getting the hang of it, he even held it up to his nose and mouth all by himself yesterday morning. Not the case the night before, our very first time using it. He cried and screamed the whole time, hence him setting in his chair much easier to do. The machine isn't exactly quiet but it's only for about 10 minutes, and it comes with a little ducky mask to try and help ease children. The worst part is listening to him cough at night but it is the best thing for him, especially with it trying to break up. Their humidifiers are turned up full blast in both their rooms, although I run them every night just on a very low setting any other time, the boys have gotten used to the sound and it is easier for them to fall asleep. Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. I sure hate when my little men are sick and I can't make it magically disappear.

Using the nebulizer all by himself, such a big boy

Daddy brought home tool belts to help them feel better

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