Sunday, August 10, 2008

Doug's headaches

The past few years my husband, Doug, has been sick off and on and the doctor's can't seem to figure out why. He is a trooper though, even if he doesn't feel good he keeps on trucking a goes to work. At first the doctor's thought it was his gall bladder, so they took that out but he would still get sick with horrible headaches, migraines, and just lose all of his energy. This has been going on for nearly three years and sometimes I have to say we need a different doctor. This last time we went to a specialist and he told my husband you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), start eating high fiber and take miralax. Although I am not a doctor this guy was a joke because he didn't even come see my husband while he was in the hospital, one of his associates did. Needless to say his primary care sent him to another specialist and referred him to a surgeon. The day of the surgery (outpatient), the surgery to us everything looked good and took out his appendix, been there done that (mine almost ruptured a month before our wedding), doctor sent it to the lab our report was inflammed and had a benign tumor, so this is what they thought was wrong all along. This were going well, he started to gain weight again and then his headaches, nausea would come back. I have been praying hard trying to figure out what is wrong, then one day I open the paper a read something about celiac disease and all of the symptoms a person might experience. I am thinking this is it, this may be what is wrong and nobody has thought a running a test for this, but there is not really a doctor in Oklahoma that specializes in this disease, they are at the Mayo Clinic. I made him call the doctor the next day and he now has an appointment later this week to run a specific blood test and we go from there. If it is celiac disease, which I hate to say I hope it is, this is manageable. We have to change his diet (anything containing gluten) and take a specific medicine everyday. I think we can handle. So I hope everyone will pray for us to finally have an answer and he is feeling better once and all.

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