Monday, August 25, 2008

Occurances over the weekend

On Friday evening the boys wanted pizza, so I break out everything to make it and of course they want to help. While they are standing there watching and waiting as I put the pizza crust on the pan and spread the sauce, I have to say it was more fun to make with their help. I let them help put the cheese on the sauce, needless to say we ended up with more cheese on certain parts of the pizza than others. Next came the pepperoni and Canadian bacon, my boys love meat. Well that to also had clumps of meat on various parts as well as a smiley face. Next we put even more cheese, shall I say more. They got such a kick out of helping, although quite messy everyone needs to have fun sometime. They especially loved watching their creation bake in the oven. I definitely recommend letting your children help make a pizza every once in a while, they have fun and their creativity really comes out in the process.

Mr. Nicolas
Setting in his favorite spot on the couch.
Mr. Elijah
Loves climbing on the counter to help.
On Saturday, I decide to clean the whole house(a deep cleaning), I do this every two weeks with little mini cleans throughout the week. I proceed to scrub the bath tub in the boys bathroom when I hear a thud, no one is crying but all is quiet. Before starting to clean I shut both gates to each entrance to the kitchen, so that they can play in the living room or in their bedrooms. Doing this keeps them out of the kitchen, laundry room and den. Anyway, I walk down the hall to the living room, Eli is playing with my pizza pan and I see a chair in the kitchen moved to the counter. I proceed into the kitchen and Mr. Nic has climbed up on the counter, about where Eli is sitting in the picture, and is eating the cake that is setting up there, both hands and face covered in chocolate icing (guess he decided he wanted a snack). I look over to the entrance by the dining room and they had both managed to push the gate down(hence the thud) and proceed into the kitchen. These boys will keep you on your toes, just when you think it is okay to get something done they decide they want to do something else.

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