Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preschool is starting!!!

Well, it is official, school is starting everywhere and I guess for my baby (although I guess he is not one anymore) will be starting preschool next Thursday. Granted it is only for three hours in the morning and only two days a week, but I figured he will be starting Pre-K next year better get him used to a school setting now so we are okay next year. It is a good preschool and we have an open house tomorrow evening to met the teacher and tour the facility. Although, Eli and I have already done this when I enrolled him in the spring, but now daddy gets to go check it out. I think he his going to be more emotional than me but I guess we will find out next Thursday morning. Eli on the other hand is extremely excited, everyday I show him on the calendar when he starts and what day we are on, he just can't seem to wait. My boys are growing up to fast, Nic isn't going to know what do with himself without his brother around, it is all he has ever known. I will be sure to post pictures.

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