Friday, August 22, 2008

1st Day of Preschool

Well, Elijah's first day of preschool was yesterday and it was exciting!! The day started out great, getting up at 6 a.m. to be dressed and ready, start breakfast and then wake up the boys. Elijah & Nicolas do not usually get up until 8:30-9:00 in the morning, took alot of work to get them on a schedule at the same time. Now all of that has changed, yeah getting up even earlier than normal, not that I am complaining that much. Anyway, Eli wakes up first and breakfast is almost done, then I hear Nic, he probably heard Eli and I talking in the kitchen. By 7:40 both boys are getting dressed, with Dad's help, everything is loaded in the car and we are on our way to Claremore, school starts at 8:30. Why drive to Claremore, well let me tell you. Only about a 20 minute drive, not that bad, and Oologah doesn't have a preschool, just daycares, and Owasso has a few but they are from 9-2 and I wasn't ready, nor was he for an all day ordeal. Luckily, this one in Claremore, I have heard nothing but great things about them, is only 3 hours a day two days a week, they also have three day a week classes. This prepares him for pre-k in Oologah which is only a few hours also, either morning or afternoon, not sure what the other school districts are like.

Anyway, Eli is excited the whole time, we get there and he can't wait to go in. Dad takes in the school supplies and then tells him bye with a hug and kiss and takes Nic to the car while I settle Eli in. He acts like there is nothing to it, we take a picture with his teacher and he goes about playing, I finally tell him bye, convincing myself he will be fine. Not easy when he has been with me nearly everyday for almost four years (all but three nights, when I went to the hospital to have Nicolas). I get to the car and Nic is looking out the window saying, "Bubba, Bubba", then I look at Doug who is starting to cry and I lose it. We make our way home knowing he is fine and I will be back to pick him up in a few hours. Doug leaves to go put an order in at the pharmacy while Nic is looking in every room saying "Bubba". I occupy him with some toys so that I can finish cleaning up the kitchen and read the paper. Then we load back up to go pick up Eli, Doug is going to meet us over there. As I am pulling up to the school I see his class at the playground and he is having a ball playing in the sand with another little boy. After I walk him to the car, he tells us all about his day, singing the Soapy song (very cute), applesauce and five little monkeys. He had a blast and can't wait to go back, looks like my baby doesn't need me as much anymore and before long my other one will be joining him at school. What am I going to do then?

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