Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who knew so many things to do can be packed into one day!!

The boys and I got up this morning and had breakfast, throw a load of laundry in washer, get dressed, everyone to the bathroom before we leave, then out the door. First stop both boys need haircuts, they both did great becoming real pros sitting up there all by themselves. Next stop we hit the grocery store and that can get expensive these days, that even before you hit the dairy section. Load up in the car turn DVD on and mosey on over to the gas station, not cheap to fill up and I didn't even completely fill my gas tank! We make it home just in time for lunch, while they eating put up groceries, toss clothes in dryer and start another load. Boys are done eating let them play for a little bit, Nic goes down for nap, now need to fold laundry and put the final load in washer. Now we sit and have a very late lunch, just to turn around and leave in a couple of hours because we have preschool open house tonight. Needless to say we are eating dinner out tonight. And I forgot to call back and set up our play date, better do that now.

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