Friday, August 29, 2008

Illness falls on our household

The last two nights and days have been a little rough around here, both of my beautiful and energetic boys are sick and very miserable. It started out with Eli having drainage and a runny nose, so I thought allergies we have been down this road before but he had a little fever and we made it through the night. I took him to the doctor yesterday morning where the doctor proceeds to tell me his lymph nodes are swollen, I know that, as I said we go through this every spring and late summer/early fall. He did a strep swab, which came back negative this morning, yeah about that. But my poor guy is just miserable and his allergies really knock him for a loop a couple of times a year. I am tempted to tell Doug lets pack up and move to the desert so my baby doesn't have to suffer. And now it is Nic's turn, as the afternoon progressed he started to have a runny nose and a little cough and temp., so I think he getting Eli's cold. Then bedtime occurs, dad is out of town for the night and here I am with both boys feeling horrible. Eli slept like a champ although his allergy medicine tends to make him talk in his sleep. Nic on the other hand was screaming by 9:30 and again by 10:30, this keeps up all night long every hour to hour and a half. Around 2:00, I considered calling 911 because he just didn't sound like he was breathing right, but I got him calmed down and I had medicine on board rotating Tylenol and Ibuprofen every few hours. Finally at 5:30 he settles down and sleeps until 8:45 this morning. Eli meanwhile climbs in bed with me at 7:40 and his fever breaks and he just goes back to sleep, with me getting around for the day this didn't even bother him. With Nic up, I see how he is doing, he walks to the kitchen and is wheezing the whole way. I call the doctor and set up and appointment which isn't until 11:20, then I go check on Eli again and his is completely drenched. Finally, he comes into the kitchen and barely makes it to the den to lay on the couch and yet another soaking. I call the doctor back and the nurse tells me to bring both of them in right away. I get Eli to eat some donuts on the way, while Nic ate a little cereal and a few bites of waffle at home. The doctor checks Eli out first and believes his fever is gone for today and it might be back tonight, everyone knows the fevers are always the worst at night. But she believes his antibiotic has been in his system almost 24 hours and should be working by now. She isn't to concerned with him, since we've been down this road before. Now Mr. Nic is another story, first she spots an ear infection in his right ear, no wonder he is screaming. Then she hears rattling in his chest, so she sends us down the hall to the lab for blood work and a chest x-ray, because he has already had pneumonia twice in his 22 months. Once when he wasn't even 2 months old and again last winter, she believes it is because I had to have him a little early and he wasn't ready yet, but I had to because of my health and I held out until nine days before my due date(which was my birthday). When the doctor thought about taking him three weeks early we decided it wasn't worth the risk to him, but I suffered, which was worth it, to have him born a lot closer to his due date. Anyway, the CBC test came be okay, but his chest x-ray didn't. He has bronchitis and an early detection of you guessed it, pneumonia, so now after his nap I have to go get his medicine and a nebulizer(not cheap, about $200.00 and not covered on any kind of insurance, ironic isn't, especially with my husband being a pharmacist). The doctor made a point saying with as many people that have asthma, although he does not, that nebulizer's are not covered by private insurance you would think there would be some sort of legislation on that, but unless it fills their pockets with money the politicians really do not seem to care. Hopefully tonight will be better and everyone will get some rest.

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