Monday, August 25, 2008

Everything seems to happen all at once

As I have posted before, I am starting to plan both boys birthday parties, actually the planning is done it is just setting down and ordering everything online. Not to hard right? Except you have to figure in how many children might be coming, so how many goodie bags and items to put in there, also party is a dinner time so how much pizza do I need to order to figure in children and all of the adults. As the boys get older they can invite who they want and we will do whatever activity they might want to do. It could be easier as they get older, but you never know. We have always gone out to eat on all of our birthday's, but for Eli's 2nd birthday we went to Logan's Roadhouse in Owasso(now a tradition), opening night for the restaurant, so it was alot of fun. He has always called it the Yee Haw store because they sing to you on your birthday. So since Nicolas has been born we go 3 times in one month, why you ask, well Eli's birthday is at the end of September, Nic's is the middle of October, and mine the very next week, that's alot of steak, we then wait a few months and Doug's falls at the end of January. You know management loves it when they see us coming.
Doug and I recently volunteered at church to help with raising money for the Mission's team, I guess now that means somehow we are officially part of the team. Not that I complaining, it is just you have to figure I really don't have a babysitter, except for grandparents(they don't exactly live nearby either) and you hate to ask them to watch the boys. We usually wait to see if they want us to bring the boys over and tell us to go out or something comes up that we want to do, which isn't that often. Yes, I know, just ask or find a reliable babysitter, but I get nervous when I leave my boys(regardless who is watching them), I guess it is that mom instinct to protect you children even when you know they are being taken care of. Anyway, back to what I was talking about, I was asked in church yesterday if we were wanting to go on the Mission trip in June, you hate to say no but with the boys being young I hate to leave for a week and on top of that I would be in Tuxpan, Mexico, that is definitely to far away for now. So now I have a meeting in two weeks to help with a fundraiser dinner on September 27th, the day after Elijah's birthday party. I don't mind helping with everything, it just I can't watch the boys and serve dinner at the same time, all the while Doug will be at work. I know it will all work out in the end, the committee will hopefully request the nursery coordinator to work and the boys love staying in there with her on Sundays which is a plus because we will all be in the same building.

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