Friday, August 22, 2008

A little lonely today

I feel all alone today, although I still have the boys here. Doug left last night for Little Rock and will be doing this every other weekend, I guess I shouldn't complain because he needs and wants to do this. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and be tough about it. Yes, the boys keep me busy but Doug and I don't always get to spend alot of time alone together, that's the way it goes when you have children. We could always go down there with him but it is such a long drive and we have a routine that you really hate to mess up. I could busy myself cleaning the house but I plan on doing that tomorrow, the boys grandparents went to Frisco for the weekend to see Doug's sister and there just isn't much to do this weekend. But he will be home tomorrow night and all day Sunday, which we love relaxing after church, kind of our lazy day around here. I need to start working on both boy's birthday parties and catch up on their baby books, today has turned out to be one of those day's you just don't want to do anything unless you absolutely have to. Maybe I should have went to Starbucks while I was in Owasso this morning and got my Mocha Frappuccino, I would definitely be wired then. I always look and the glass as half full but when you are missing your other half you don't always fill complete. It doesn't make it any better when every time he goes to leave he makes sure I know where all of our important documents are and what to do in case something happens. We have been over the routine a thousand times, you just try to not think about things like that happening. Better perk up my monkeys are wanting to go outside for a while before dinner.

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