Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elijah's New Friends

All weekend Elijah talked about his new friend and wanting him to come over and play but he couldn't remember his name (this may take a little time with 15 other kids in his class). On our way to school this morning he just couldn't wait, so I take him in while Daddy and Nicolas stay in the car but the little boy isn't there yet and I need to go so they could get started. The three of us head home to finish laundry and Dad can take make car to get the oil changed. Dad gets home and we turn around and leave to go back to preschool, at least I got two loads of laundry washed before we left. After arriving we have to wait for the kids to get back from the playground, it is just too cute watching them follow the teachers one by one, they grow up way too fast. At preschool the parents have the option to get out of their cars to pick up their children or one will load them and buckle them in their car seats, while the other stays in the classroom and the director is getting signatures (with a walkie talkie to let the teacher inside know which child to send out next) from the parents as they are waiting, what a great idea! We proceed over to McDonald's for lunch when in walks a little girl that Eli goes to school with and they smile at each other. We go in the play area and she joins us and I ask Eli what her name is because he keeps saying "come on friend", finally she tells him her name, Mallory, he then says, "lets slide Mallory." They were too adorable together. After we get home he finally tells me his friend's name, Jonah, and says he has a big band aid on his arm and I have to tell him "yeah that sort of right, it's a band aid they call a cast that will help his arm get all better." He is ready for his birthday so that all of his friends can come, this has only been the second day of school, so you know it will be a fun school year.
After Nic wakes up from his nap I hear Eli telling him, "come on Nic, criss-cross applesauce, criss- cross applesauce." I guess a little preschool learning from his brother is good and definitely fun to watch.

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megan k said...

Alicia said her little boy learned criss cross applesauce as well!! Funny