Monday, December 14, 2009

Nicolas' 3rd Birthday

The last few months have been so crazy and my blog has been put on the back burner for some time and so much has happened that I want to share. For one, Nicolas had his 3rd birthday the middle of October. We had to postpone his party for about a week due to Doug and Eli having the flu and another unforeseen circumstance that affected us, but more about that later.

So on his actual birthday, I took Nic to the doctor for a flu swap to see if he had it, which he didn't, and the doctor gave him and I both Tamiflu just in case. Then off to the bakery to get his cake and by the pharmacy to pick up a balloon for him and our medicine. Once home we gave him his presents, he got what he wanted and loved playing with them.

Little man's cake, he picked strawberry. He had a dump truck theme this year.

We rescheduled his party for the following Thursday night at Chuck E Cheese, everyone had so much fun.

Nic decided that since he could not get the ball rolled all the way up, he would take it up there and throw it in.

Cake and present time!

He is meeting Chuck E Cheese, he decided he needed to give him a high five. I can't believe our baby is three, it just does not seem possible. But for now I have him at home until preschool starts next fall.