Thursday, August 28, 2008

News will make you cry

Last night I was watching the News on 6 @ 10, a typical evening of winding down. They start telling of a story about a toddler being crushed by a television which is extremely horrible ( I am a visual person so I am picturing this as they are telling the story, then up on the screen pops the EMSA & firefighters working on this poor baby and loading them into the ambulance. I just started to cry because I can't even imagine how the baby's parents must feel. Apparently this happened while two of the older children were wrestling and the t.v. was bumped which fell off a dresser onto the baby. The nine year old lifted the t.v. off the baby and ran and got the parents. These poor children and parents and you could tell the officer explaining what happened was having a hard time. Sorry to share this but I just couldn't get it off my mind all night.

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megan k said...

Things like that stick with me as well, us visual people. I had to quit watching the news for a couple of weeks b/c everynight it was something with a baby or child