Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Play date at Park

This morning the boys had a play date at Lafortune Park, love this park because the play areas are made for little ones. It was such a great morning, couple drops of rain, no big deal, but only a few others moms with their children there. I love when school in back in session, the parks are so much more fun to go to without having to worry about losing someone in all the people.

Nicolas going down the slide by himself, mister no fear.
Elijah having a ball, will not go anywhere without his hat.

We met the boys cousins, Ethan, almost 3 and Noah, 17 months for our morning in the park. The park is absolutely beautiful and not 50 kids running around just the four of them on this little play area. Afterwards, we all ate at McDonald's, not the best place in the world to eat healthy, but it is only every once in a while. (Sorry about the picture color, I forgot to put my cell phone camera on an outside setting.)

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Alicia said...

I am glad to see your blog. Your little boys are really cute. It seems that you have alot of fun with them. It is good to see you.