Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy month ahead

After I picked Eli up from preschool I look in his bag to see what activity he did today, but low and behold there is October's newsletter and all of the activities this month. Who knew one little guy would have more things going on in his little social life than his parents? We have a least two things going on every week and that doesn't include doctor visits. Which Eli goes for his 4 year check up tomorrow. Our church will be receiving their pumpkins on the 11th (also my mother- in-law's 60th birthday party) and the Pumpkin Patch will officially open on the 13th, yes. Nic's birthday is in two weeks and he will have his 2 year check up. My birthday is at the end of the month, the dreaded 29, man I am getting old! Halloween festival and trick or treating, love that! And somewhere in there we are wanting to do a family picture with a photographer at the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch. Not to mention everything Eli already has going on at school. This is our busy time of year, I can't wait until the middle of November then things will slow down, but then you have to gear up for Christmas. Not really that bad, I tend to do my shopping on line, especially with the boys being older and can remember what you are shopping for. But as Doug always says once August hits before to long it's Christmas and you are wondering where the time has gone.

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