Friday, September 5, 2008

Good read every now and then

I have read this book probably twice a year for the past 6 years, and I love it. If you are a Methodist then you have probably heard of Dr. Terry Teykl and you will love the book if you read it. He was here, well at Claremore First United Methodist a few years ago and did a sermon, my mother-in-law said she loved it and so did Doug's uncle (he is a Methodist pastor, who also married us). Anyway, he wrote this book in hopes that this would motivate churches and give them what they need to accomplish prayer evangelism. It is not meant for Methodists only but for every Christian and help them to unite in prayer. One of my favorite parts in his book states:

If we are going to pray a new price, we must have a vision, because prayer and vision are marvelously interrelated. Vision is the pulley designed to lift prayer off the dock of mundane, religious routine. They feed on each other, each drawing us closer and tighter to the heart of God and His purpose. Prayer without vision is mechanical, and vision without prayer is directionless and short-lived.

It is not always easy to set aside everything and pray especially when everyday life gets in the way. I have noticed in the past few years at our small beautiful church a big change in the growth of our church. Land was bought, our prayer and vision of our new church being built is slowly becoming a reality and with that vision and prayer our congregation appears to be growing with more and more children, which is the greatest gift of all and how the church will continue to grow with them. It is just amazing how awesome prayer and determination go hand in hand.

Doug and I read our boys their Bible stories every night, at least five a night, and at the end of each story it states, "GOD LOVES ME." Nicolas really gets into that part because he pats his chest as he says it and gets so excited when we get to the end of the story. Elijah is to the point that he can tell us the stories almost before we can even get part of the way through them. We then say our prayer together and the go to bed. I love the fact that my boys are learning and loving the Bible and know that GOD loves then no matter what.

Eli has put two and two together and finally asked, "Am I the prophet Elijah?" We tell him that is where we got his name. Well last night we read about Jonah as we have many times and he turned around and looked at us and said, "My friend Jonah gets eaten by a big fish?" We tried not to laugh and told him his friend from school was fine but the story was about a different Jonah from a long time ago.

Anyway back to the book, I love it and would recommend it to anyone. At the end of each chapter study questions are provided to you analyze even more. And at the end of the book he has also provided personal prayer helps for preparation, practical tips and principles. He also has given a 101 creative prayer ideas and I have noticed my church and myself using some. I hope to accomplish all of them very soon.

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