Sunday, September 7, 2008

People amaze me at church

Today starts out as a great day, I get up and get the day going, get the boys up for breakfast and we slowly get ready for church. We arrive right on time, great start. After I drop the boys off in the nursery I head over to the sanctuary for the service. Now I know I go to a small town church and people come to church most likely in their best clothes or at least I think they do. Anyway, many people wear jeans, I can see this with guys and wearing a dress shirt but women in jeans and a t-shirt, come on, a little bit of effort to look nice wouldn't hurt. This is just the way I think and feel and I am sure it will offend someone, but my belief is that you should look nice and presentable for church, everyone has their own version of Sunday best I know. This bothers me a little but I can get past that since like I said Oologah is just a small town and everyone is so nice.

Back to what really bothered me this morning. Well, during the service people kept getting up a walking to the front of the church to exit and come back in that way. Hello, completely rude and disrespectful to everyone listening to the sermon, there are exits at the back of the church, two to be exact. Not only that, the teenagers just amaze me at doing this quite a few times, does anyone ever go over these forms of respect anymore? Maybe it is just me, but unless I was ill, coughing nonstop or being paged by the nursery, I personally would not move, just out of respect for my fellow parishioner's. I know teenagers think they are all that but come on, going in and out multiple times in 1 hour, this is just ridiculous. How can anyone focus on the sermon and hymnals when there are people doing as they please? Like I said these are my thoughts and feelings and I know this may not bother others like it does me, but I know there are a few that most likely feel the the same way.

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