Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need my wake up drink!!! Now!

After my 3:30 wake up call this morning of Eli saying, "Mommy, mommy", I knew it was going to be a long day. I give him Tylenol for his ear ache, knowing all to well he probably has an ear infection from all of the drainage he has had. Back to bed he goes and thirty minutes later he has to go to the bathroom and we do this song and dance until 5:30. Finally he comes to bed with me and conks out, then daddy's alarm clock and then mine goes off at 6:00 and he doesn't budge. But wakes up when I get up to go to the bathroom, knowing all to well he isn't going to school today I get him to go back to sleep until 7:20. Dad leaves for work @ 7 and I decide do I want to get going now or in a little while. I finally get around while Eli watches T.V. (I know horrible, right?), at 8:15 he tells me, "mommy I think I am going to throw up and then proceeds to in my bathtub." He then states he feels better and is ready to go to school. Kids they can be funny when they want to do something, even if they don't feel good. Get a doctor's appointment for 9:40, may as well get Nic checked on to, he is still not sounding that great. Doc states Eli has an ear infection and gives him an antibiotic, easy right that is until Nic gets his turn. Doc thinks his lungs sound great especially with the albuterol treatments but wants to change to Pulmicort (steroid) this will hopefully clear out all of the gunk since the albuterol did it's job and opened up his airways. Says he has reactive airway disease, in others words when he gets a cold, allergies or anything we will have to do these treatments. He doesn't have asthma, thank goodness, if he did he would be having asthma attacks, not all of this junk that is going on. So we try this new stuff for a week to see how well it helps clear him up. So instead of school we hit the lovely doctor's office this morning, yeah fun times in the rain.

Back to my title of this post. I am thinking to myself at the doctor's office I am definitely hitting Starbucks on the way home, that shot of caffeine is what I need. Low and behold I drive a few miles down there and the place is closed down, not just for the day but completely out of business. They were just in business two weeks ago, what in the world happened! I was so looking forward to that wonderful drink and I don't even get to have it! I drive in this lovely rain home pouting to myself wanting that wonderful shot of mocha frappuccino and that all goes down the drain in one swoop.

We arrive home and I proceed to get lunch ready, Eli goes to bed and falls asleep by 12:20 (not like him at all, never been a nap taker, but who wouldn't be tired being up off and on since 3:30 in the morning) and Nic and I are in the kitchen eating lunch. Nic goes down at 1:00 for a couple of hours and here I am typing away trying to keep myself awake, I do not drink pop, just water and my occasional Starbucks. Eli just woke up and is eating a late lunch and tells me his ear feels better, I put numbing drops in it before he went to sleep. I have a teacher's conference tonight with Eli's teacher, still not sure if I am going to make dinner or we will eat out, I will just have to see how the rest of the afternoon goes. Oh, how this day has become so long.

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megan k said...

My friend's kids have ear infections also... yuck!!