Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boys are feeling better

Now that the boys are starting to feel better, guess who is feeling like crap, you guessed it numero uno. Personally, I think it is something in the air, I have never had this problem before until Sunday, every time I walk outside I am constantly sneezing. The sinus pressure and the constant sneezing is unreal, at least I got the horrible headache to stop. Maybe with the rain it will help get rid of whatever is in the air. Trying to get Eli and Nic better and then toting Eli off to school and coming home to play with Nic before we go back and pick Eli up from school is hard when you are having trouble functioning. Nic's breathing treatments are going great, we do three a day, morning, after nap and before bed. There is one downside to these treatments is that they wire this boy up, big time. They go to bed at 8:30 on the dot, well Eli is asleep pretty quick because of this long day. Nic on the other hand you would have thought that boy was at the playground or a concert. Listening to him on the monitor was unreal, he was squealing and laughing and shaking the rail on his crib. I went in there a few times, his room looked like a war zone. The only thing left in his bed was him. He has a pillow, blanket, two Binky's (I know horrible, but the only way he will go to sleep), a few animals and a stuffed football, all were in the floor. The next time I went to get him quiet they were all in his laundry basket. And the last time I finally got him to lay down and covered him up, I noticed he had knocked the "s" off the wall which we have hanging on his wall that spells out his name. We have to keep up the breathing treatments until we are sure we here no congestion at all. So I am sure every night is going to be this entertaining, and somehow Eli managed to sleep through all of this and he is right next door. Now if only I could get rid of this gunk we would all be back to our normal selves.

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megan k said...

I hear ya on the sneezing thing! One step outside and it's all over!!