Monday, February 23, 2009

Need a new Stylist..

Thursday afternoon I decided it was time for a trim, it had been four months. Who has the time with two little monkeys running circles around me? So, I call my stylist and make an appointment for Friday afternoon. Let's just say don't make a grocery list and not pay attention to what your stylist is doing to your hair. Not only did she trim off more that I wanted her too but she also trimmed my bangs which I loved by the way and had them the length I wanted them to be. So, when I got to the car and looked in the mirror more closely I just cried and vowed to never go there again. This is the second time in a row she has done this and after 4 years of being my stylist, she is FIRED!!! Hubby says my hair looks fine but I know better and will continue to not like it until these stupid short bangs grow back out. So, if anyone out there has a great stylist in Owasso that they wouldn't mind sharing please let me know. I cannot take another bad haircut and need someone good, I don't care what they charge, mine was $50 and that was fine and dandy because I only go every three to four months. Thank goodness for my flat iron otherwise I would not be leaving this house.


megan k said...

Where did you go? Do share!

Anonymous said...

Oh YIKES! NOT good! Been there, DONE that! YUCK!

I really like my lady! She even comes to MY house because she was sick of working at salons. She's a DOLL! We trade for pictures all the time. LOL

I have her facebook page if you want her info. ;)

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry! That stinks! Wish I could give you my girl's name, but I don't live anywhere near there...wouldn't do much good.