Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Last Friday was Doug's birthday and the boys and I decided to take him out to dinner. Our favorite steak place was packed (Logan's Roadhouse), so we decided to head over to Lonestar Steakhouse and it was busy but we had a table in twenty minutes, not too bad. Dinner was good and fast. I am pretty particular about my meat and it has to be burnt for me to even touch it, needless to say I always cut into burgers or steaks to make sure. Well mine as Doug put it was just out of the freezer and still mooing. So I snacked on some fries and the blooming onion we ordered and just told them to box it up so we could take it home. The boys loved their chicken and Doug always gets a filet. We had fun evening and came home and had a great cake (no I did not make it), Italian cream, oh so very delicous.

Opening the picture paintings the boys made him.

Melt in your mouth cake.


Melinda said...

Sounds like you all had fun. My hubby's b-day is Tuesday and I have yet to figure out what in the world to get him or do for him. Any suggestions : )

Dawn said...

Oh, that cake looks delicious! That's one of my favorites.

It looks like it was fun for alL! :)

Peculiar Blogs said...

What a wonderful time! Pretty cake, too!