Monday, February 2, 2009

Such a lovely award..

My high school friend Megan at It's not Megan it's Megan has bestowed a wonderful award on little ol' me. And I thank her very much. I have some good pictures of us from high school but I will wait to share those another time. It is such an honor to receive this award and it means so much. Who knew sharing my thoughts about everyday life would make other people laugh sometimes. Megan shares everything in her life, her love of the Lord, family and photography. If you haven't read here blog stop on by because her posts can make you laugh and cry at the same time.
I can hear the boys laughing so I better go check on them, which usually means they are up to no good. Either climbing on furniture or making a mess with all their toys. So I am supposed to bestow this on three lovely bloggers and it is such a hard decision so here it goes:
Dana at From chaos to Grace... she shares her everyday tribulations and love of the Lord and she is such a wonderful photographer.
Melinda at Bloggin' it from the 'Burbs who shares everything about her boys, great recipes and great photographs.
Emily at The Heart of Life she is down right hilarious mixed in with a little sarcasm every now and then and her adventures with her kiddos are fun to read about.
So there you go ladies and fun and enjoy your award. Now I better go check on those monkeys before they tear everything up.


Melinda said...

Thanks so much for the award. I am honored you thought of me. I promise to get to it soon. I am so far behind on handing out awards : (

momof3darlings said... are SUCH a doll! I am honored! And I'm ALSO so glad to see you got it too! I always LOVE keeping up with your family and hearing about the ins and outs of life!