Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cleaning Make-up Brushes

I am not sure what kind of make-up everyone uses if you use any at all. I, myself will not walk out of my house without a little bit of something on my face, everyone has there good and bad days at any given time. Well, I have been using the id Bare Minerals makeup for almost three years now and I love it. I don't usually wear make-up everyday and don't really go through it all that much because with this make-up it doesn't take much for it to work. I don't think I have bought more than three containers of the base mineral make-up, you can usually get the starter kit for $60.00 at Ulta or Sephora, those are the only places I know of in Tulsa. The kit comes with everything you need and only takes about five minutes to put on everything. I personally was tired of messing with the pressed powered and base and it can get messy if you are in a hurry. It can get expensive but usually everything you need is in the kit unless you want a different blush. Anyway, I needed to buy new brushes because I hadn't yet, yes that is gross, I know. So, I needed to go buy new mineral foundation and was going to get new brushes, I needed four for the whole process. Well the prices for brushes range from $22-$25 each, that's right almost $100 for new brushes. I decided to do a little research on the computer before I left and found the bare mineral brush conditioning shampoo, apparently this will clean your brushes and make them like new again, it takes about 18 hours for the brushes to dry completely. The reviews people wrote were completely correct, my make-up brushes felt so soft and brand new this morning I was truly amazed. I would definitely recommend this product if you use this make-up because for $14 instead of $100 who wouldn't want to try it a least once.


Zarebski said...
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Melinda said...

I used to use the Bare Minerals make-up as well but to me it was always so messy so I started using Physicians Formula; however I kept my Bare Minerals brushes and just might have to give that conditioner a try...thanks!