Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flu Shots

This morning the boys and I went and go our flu shots, very lovely I must say. Their pediatrician doesn't give them and tells everyone to either go to the Health Department or somewhere else to get them. Last year we went to a pharmacy that gave them to children, $30 each, but she requires consent from their doctor to give them, which was a hassle them and this year he completely refused because he didn't want to be held liable. Let me tell you I am about feed up with this pediatrician, he is starting to get on my last nerve and that takes a lot to do. So, we missed the one yesterday, they only have them every two weeks, actually I just didn't want to get out yesterday morning. But, I knew there was one this morning in another town about 15 minutes away so we decided to go there instead. I get there and the nurse gives me the paperwork to fill I and I notice she gave me three, so I start to take them all back up to her. She says, "Aren't you going to get one?" I think about it not really wanting to because I have never gotten one and reply, "I my as well for them." We head back to the shot room as Eli called it and take a seat. She decided to do Eli first, we were going to do the Flu-Mist but he would not hold his breath long enough during the practice breathing, she was afraid he would get the full dose he needed needless to say the poor guy got a shot instead. After he gets his it's Nic's turn, while I am holding him Eli starts to get real pale and the nurse wrapped a wet paper towel around his neck. I get my shot real quick and hold him and after about five minutes he starts to get his color back, he got a little anxious with the shot and now he is all better. Let me tell you what, my arm is sure hurting right now but at least now we are vaccinated and don't have to worry about that anymore.

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