Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I would like to say a belated Happy Birthday to my Mom, I didn't make a post yesterday so now I am making up for it. Anyway, Mom/Mama (as the boys call her) we would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you had a great day!! We don't get to see you that often but the boys always love talking to you on the phone and loving spending time with you when they do see you. They love when you come over and watch them so mommy and daddy can go out and you never complain about them staying out late. Thanks for always watching the boys so we can go out on our Anniversary or Christmas shopping or when we finally decide to go out for an evening. It doesn't matter that you live an hour away you are always willing to watch them and will change your plans because you want to come see them. I know we don't have to call you three and four weeks in advance to make plans so we can go out and the boys really enjoy showing you everything they have. When you know we have plans you always make sure our other arrangements haven't fallen through or you will drop what your doing so the boys have someone to watch them, even if that means taking a day off work. I know I don't say this often enough but I Appreciate and Love You very much. And I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. I know it wasn't easy having a baby, actually two, when you were a teenager but you did a great job, although you aren't told enough. Thank you very much for everything. We truly do love you!!
Mother's Day 2008
Brunch on Mother's Day

Mom and I, circa 1980, I was about 5 months old.

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