Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our donation to the Salvation Army

I decided to a little cleaning of the den or boys play room as we call it. We had a remodel two years ago two weeks after Nic was born and converted our garage into a den. By doing this it made it easier for Eli to play without waking up Nic and all toys were taken into that room alone. Neither boy has toys in their rooms, cruel right, instead the idea was to confine everything in one room and not throughout the house. It made it nice because at the end of the day there is only one room and I don't have to go through the whole house and pick up and put things away. On Thursday, after Nic went down for his nap, Eli and I proceeded to go through all of the toys. I got rid of a whole lot of things, big and small. I went through both toy bins (each have 9 small cubbies) and loading everything up in boxes that they outgrew or don't play with anymore. Now all small toys are in the cubbies in a particular bin (i.e. music, small cars, animals, phones) a little weird I know, but if the boys what to find something all they have to do is look for the correct one. So, once this was all done I started to load all this into the back of my Explorer. With the third row seat laying down I filled the back up completely all the way up to the ceiling. Who knew two little boys could have so many toys? I admit some of the big stuff, like the Leap Frog Learn and Grove Musical Table and Fisher Price Musical Chair we have had since Eli was six months old. My car was completely loaded and yesterday afternoon, after nap of course, we all loaded up and took them to the Salvation Army in Tulsa. All the while Doug and I are telling Eli and Nic they did such a good job helping go through everything, so now little boys and girls that probably don't have anything to play with will be able to have something, especially with Christmas coming up. This made Eli feel so good and we have decided to get a few things for Toys for Tots and maybe get an Angel or two off the Angel tree at the mall. I am so glad Eli understands that not everyone is able to have a lot of things and it is nice to give back when you are able too. There is one thing we didn't load into the car and it is the Bounce And Spin Zebra, we are taking that to church and giving it to the nursery. I fell like Nic has outgrown it, at least he doesn't seem as interested in it anymore and if he stills wants to play with it he can play with it in the nursery.

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