Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peace & Quiet Time

After we got home from church this morning and the boys ate their lunch, the magice hour had arrived, Mr. Nicolas' beloved nap. Elijah surprised me today and said he was tired and wanted to lay down, this usually means he doesn't feel good. So off to bed he goes and this lasts 20-30 minutes but hey it was nice while it lasted. But I did convince him to lay down and be quiet in the living room and he really didn't seem to mind at all, I think he likes a little quiet time every now and then, actually who doesn't. Last night, I made chili for dinner, great weather for it also, this was actually my first time to every make it, I guess I never felt the need to try it before. I must say it was pretty delicious and the boys really loved it. I myself like to put ketchup in it, I know a little weird but it is delicious, so Nic decided he needed to try it also and he loved it. For dessert we had pecan pie, also a first for the boys, they did ok but I think they would rather eat cake instead. I figured I would snap a couple of pictures of them eating because you never know if they will eat it again.

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