Friday, October 3, 2008

Tulsa State Fair..we are here!!!

Yesterday we headed back to the Tulsa State Fair just to have fun. We went last week on opening night and was able to see everything, at least the things we wanted to anyway. So we decided to go again before Dad went out of town again so that the boys could play some games. As we are on our way to meet Doug I hear Eli in the back seat telling Nic, "No Nic we aren't going that way this is the way to the Fair." And at 4 years old he is already correcting people, Nic points out a semi every time he sees one and gets excited and says, "Mack", from the movie CARS. Eli decided he needed to fix this statement, "Actually Nic that is a Peterbuilt not a Mack." Pretty hilarious but at least he doesn't sit by and knows how to speak up, wonder where he gets that from. Anyway, back to the fair, the boys had a great time and were not ready to leave but everything has to end some time.

Eli getting his medal after racing the NASCAR cars. He won!! He raced against Dad and his Mimi.

He did not want to take his medal off last night, I finally convinced him mommy could fix it where it would stay on his neck.

Poor Nic, he didn't get to race, maybe next year.

Eli loved the fishing for sharks game, he's pretty good. Guess that means it time to get a fishing pole and it has to be Lightening McQueen.

Nic got to fish and he loved it, he was not ready to get back in his stroller afterwards.

Our fair experience for this year is over and I can't wait for the next one. This was actually Eli's fifth State Fair, his very first was when he was only five days old. We love going on opening night because when you get there early there is hardly anybody else around. I told Doug I would like to go down to the Texas State Fair but it is all the same I am sure, I even told him would could go to the OU/Texas game he kind of liked that idea. Maybe once the boys get older and are ready to watch the game.

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