Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random things

Delivered the pies this morning to pumpkin patch and of course the boys did not what to leave. On our walk back to the car, Nicolas decided to had by the car next to us so that he didn't have to get into his car seat. In which a crying battle ensued because I just crashed his world by not letting him play with the pumpkins. We are planning on going Monday afternoon so that Dad can be there also and I will be able to take pictures and not run after them the whole time. Will less likely be as crowed as it is today. I am supposed to meet Doug after dinner in Owasso so he can take the boys, I know it has something to do with my birthday, he can't do anything without me finding out seeing as I am the one with the boys all of the time. Eli doesn't quite know how to not tell about a gift, but that's what happens when kids are involved they loving telling you everything. I have been looking on-line at GAP, Old Navy and Gymboree to find us all something that will match a little, we are having family pictures taken Thursday and I am really excited about this. We have always done them at Sears but this year I found a photographer from Adair, I believe, she was really nice and according to the weather it will be fantastic, definitely great for our outdoor pics.

I am still looking at cameras, thanks for the suggestions Melinda, I like reading the customer reviews at Best Buy what people say about electronics is how I base some of my decisions. I figure if a person took the time to review their purchase to help another person with their buying, why not, that what it is there for anyway. Maybe I am a little picky but I like to research and then check it out for myself, just like any major purchase someone would make.

I still haven't decided about taking Eli to his preschool anniversary party yet, it is tomorrow. They have had the children practicing a song that they are supposed to be singing during the service at the church that runs the preschool. Something inside of me is telling me he would be the only one there for the service, none of the other parents have really been to involved in anything so far, maybe it is me but I think is a little weird. I like knowing what my child is learning that is the teacher and mom speaking together on this though. I take him into his class on the mornings he has school and get out of my car to pick him up. Everyone else drops them off and lets the teacher put them in their car seats and off they go. Who knows maybe it's me but I love talking to him about his morning on the way to the car and he shows me everything he made, but many of the others parents probably have to go to work and there have been a few grandparents dropping off and picking up. Every person's situation and circumstances are different, to each his own, right? I'll talk to Doug this evening and see what he thinks, I may not decide until in the morning. I just hate springing something new on the boys, a completely different church, classroom and teacher than they are used to, even if it is for only one day.

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