Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another year goes by and now I am 29!!!

It's official, another year has passed and I am definitely starting to feel older (never thought I would say that!). I overheard Doug telling Eli how old I was going to be and the way he repeated it, "twenty-niiiiiiine", like that was extremely old. Although I tell everyone it is just another day, you do actually feel somewhat different once you start to think about it and in one year I will be hitting the big 3-0, yikes! Yes, I know it isn't old but to women there is just something about that number that makes you go, what a minute where had time gone. It doesn't seem that long ago that I had just had Eli and we were going out to eat at Outback Steakhouse for my 25th. Time seems to be flying by and you just get caught up in everyday life and don't really have a chance to sit back and enjoy everything that is happening. My mother-in-law keeps telling me I should write a book because she loves to read what I write, who knows one of these days maybe I will. As I was uploading these pictures Eli wanted to know why Nic was playing with a Mickey Mouse cake I had to explain that was mommy and at first I don't think he believed me, that little Turkey.

This is a picture of me at @ 2 1/2, as Doug says you can tell I am being ornery or up to something.

And I thought I would throw one in of me on my 1st Birthday, (who knew Mickey Mouse would still be so popular now). Love the retro high chair, don't see those to often anymore.