Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy weekend

With Nic's birthday and party on Friday we had a lot to get done beforehand, so technically our busy weekend started Thursday morning. I had to get the boys up and ready for pictures their 2 & 4 year pics at the Picture People on Thursday morning, I love going there they are so much more kid friendly and move around more than Sears. Love the fact that I can have my pictures in about 30 minutes and not have to come back to town and they are not too expensive. After we are done there, I decide to take the boys over to the Food Court for an early lunch. Next, we head down to the Disney store for a few presents for Nic and a little girl in Eli's class. I load the boys in the car so that Doug and I can trade cars in Owasso so that he can take the boys on home and put Nic down for his nap so that I can get my hair cut. I go into this appointment, with the same person I have been using for over 3 years, knowing exactly what I want. I tell her I want about an inch or two taken off to get rid of any split ends, my hair was below the middle of my back, definitely needed a trim and I would always wear it up. You know there is a reason they turn your back to the mirror, so you cannot see what they are doing. Her and I start talking and I am thinking she is giving me a few layers, that is until she starts to blow dry it. I realize how short my hair really is, it is just below my shoulders a little, that is 6 inches of hair that was cut!! Needless to say I was a little in shock and couldn't quite believe it at first. It was a complete change from what I was used to and I am still trying to, but I can still put it in a pony tail, just barely. When I get home Eli tells me I look perfect, that will always make you feel better and Doug loves it, my hair hasn't been this short since we first started dating. On the plus side it doesn't take me as long to blow dry and straighten it, if I didn't use my flat iron let's just say I would look like a poodle with frizzy hair. I know some of you probably experience that as well. Nic then wakes up from his nap and we eat dinner and head out to Toys R Us for more things and then jet over to Wal-Mart super center for groceries and more. Very busy day.

On Friday we had Nic's party and that was a blast. Once the boys were in bed, Doug headed out of town for the weekend to work but the boys and I had plans so that would keep us busy. Saturday afternoon rolled around and we headed over to a party for Alesha, a little girl in Eli's class. The boys had fun, although I was completely worn out by the time we got home. When the party's are outside the parents seem to use up all their energy chasing all the kids around. After church on Sunday, Nic takes his nap and then we head to Tulsa for Ethan's 3rd birthday, the boys cousin. I am so glad it is Monday and we have absolutely nothing to do but laundry. I think by far those were the four busiest days we have had in a while and I don't want to do that again. But this is the time of year we are always doing something or going somewhere, good thing the weather is so great that we can enjoy it as well.

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