Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Try it you might like it...

For those of you who have been reading my doctor's appointment is later this afternoon. So to keep my mind busy I thought I would share about a delicious lunch that I had yesterday. On Tuesdays mornings I take Eli to school while Doug stays home with Nic, who is usually still asleep. Since Starbucks closed in Claremore I decided to give Java Dave's a try, not too bad, needless to say this is our Tuesday morning ritual and we also get to big cookies for the boys to have after lunch and before Nic goes down for his nap. Well yesterday morning Doug was supposed to have an eye doctor appointment and I had to wake both boys up, feed them and get dressed and out the door we went. I decide that since I have both and also a few errands to run with Nic that I would forgo my frappuccino this time, man was I dreading that decision, who knew I would be craving it. So I come back home start some laundry and Doug goes back with us to pick up Eli. Tuesday is also the day we hit the drive through at McDonald's on the way home from school for lunch. I tell Doug let's stop and I will run into Java Dave's and order us a couple of panini sandwiches and they will be ready after we pick Eli up. Good idea right, we have our lunch and the boys will have theirs. I order our lunch and also my lovely frappuccino, who couldn't after walking in and smelling that great odor of coffee? We pick Eli up, get our lunch and head over to McD's, great idea. Let me tell you what that was one of the most delicious sandwiches I have ever had. I got the southwest chicken and I believe Doug had the Monterrey chicken, also very delicious. We will definitely be going back there for lunch it just may be our Tuesday ritual from now on. But the sandwiches are huge, I ate half off one and you can save the other half for dinner or lunch the next day. I am not big on trying new things all that often, especially when it comes to a new place to eat but I am definitely glad I did. So if you are ever out an about and see a Java Dave's stop in for a panini, if you are not in the mood to eat order a cappuccino with chocolate milk, also very delicious, or a mocha frappuccino you can't go wrong with either on of those.

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