Friday, October 17, 2008

Nic's Birth Story

Being pregnant with Nicolas was not an easy task in the final few months. The summer of 2006 was so hot and was being to take a toll on my body. I started having lovely contractions in the summer and had false labor. Then my left leg started to swell and did not get better even with elevation and rest. I even had to have an ultrasound on my leg to make sure there was not a clot, thankfully there was not, but I do have a superficial vein that has popped out from all of the pressure, that needs to be fixed after I am done having children. The beginning of October Doug and I took Eli to the fair and I had to stop and put my feet up a few times because of the swelling, it was just unbelievable. The next day I went to the doctor and he thought he might have to induce me because of the swelling and my blood pressure was a little high, the day I also had the ultrasound. Nic was doing fine it was me they were worried about, but you worry about mom you also start to worry about the baby. And to think I want to do this all over again! Anyway the doctor ordered me to take it easy and try and stay off my feet, he was afraid if the ultrasound came back irregular mister Nic would have been born that day, three weeks to early. So we decided to hold out a little longer for my and his sake, little boys need a little bit longer to develop their lungs. Two weeks later the doctor decided it was time and having him nine days early was better than me suffering any longer. Had I been able to hold out until his due date he would have been born on my birthday, now wouldn't that have been cool. Doug and I went home and loaded up things for Eli and even took is mattress from his toddler bed with blankets and all to Mimi and Papa's (they would be keeping him while we were at the hospital, also the longest I have ever been away, except for a trial run a few weeks before, from him before then and since). Doug and I show up at the hospital at 6 o'clock in morning and the nurse started my lovely pitocin by 7:30. And here I was walking around my room and bouncing on a birthing ball to get things going, I was hardly feeling these contractions, or it was the fact Nic wasn't ready to come out yet. So a little after noon my doctor comes in and breaks my water, now this should get the process going right? I thought to myself man this is easy until around 1:30 in the afternoon when I was really starting feel the contractions and by 4 I was asking for my epidural. And I swear if I ever see that anesthesiologist again I will give him a piece of my mind (he missed the first time and had to try again, had I not been had so many contractions he would have ended up on the floor). Doug's mom brought Eli up and I was trying my hardest to focus on him and not let him see me hurt, buy you know kids can pick up on it so easily and mommy had things hooked up to her. So about 5:30ish the Doug walks them out to the car and the nurse comes in to check me and tells me before long I will start pushing. Although it seems fast it definitely felt like a very long afternoon. After getting completely dilated and pushing, our little man finally arrived at 7:14 p.m. What a long journey he had made and he was so perfect and now we have two beautiful boys that are getting bigger and bigger everyday.

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