Friday, October 3, 2008

Homecoming Parade/Dog Iron Days

This weekend is Dog Iron Days in Oologah and also Homecoming, so the boys and I loaded up and went into town to check it out. I have lived here six years and this is the first one I have been to, I finally had a reason to go and they loved it.
Eli and Nic figured out real quick what happens at a parade. You get lots and lots of candy, at least we had just ate dinner.

They got such a kick out of the Akdar Shriner's cars. Eli said, "Mommy they are just my size."

After a little bit they both started waving to everyone in the parade, guess they figured if we wave we might get more candy!

Eli was stashing his loot in the pocket on the back of the stroller. When I cleaned it out it completely filled up my purse.

Needless to say they had fun and didn't want to leave. We got there right as the parade was getting to the turn street, great spot to be. The cheerleaders were at the front and I heard one of the girls say, "give him some candy he is cute." I am thinking to myself, "Back off girl that is my baby you are talking about." Is this what I have to look forward to? Not sure if I am ready for that just yet, maybe he will never grow up and always stay my baby. Back to the parade, Doug called just as the Round Up Club was walking past and Eli told him to bring him home one. His response after he tells him what is walking past him at that time. I am glad they had a good time and we had to tell Daddy, Mimi and Mama all about it.

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