Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Surgery in our future

In less than two weeks, January 12th, Eli will be having surgery. Prayers please. After we loaded up the boys in separate cars this afternoon, I took Eli to the Ear Nose & Throat doctor, Doug brought Nic home for his nap. When you push and push your pediatrician to do something about the constant ear infections after two years it was time for a change. We decided to switch pediatricians last month and our new one immediately referred him to the ENT. When we arrived Eli had to do a few tests with the audiologists and when you are setting there watching your child take a hearing test and notice he isn't hearing some of the beeps and whistles your heart starts to sink a little. We go back out to the waiting room and I call Doug and tell him and we wait to see the doctor. Next is the doctor and he tells me what I have already figured out Eli doesn't hear very well in his right ear (because of fluid build up) and in his left he hears perfectly. We have noticed he has been talking a little louder and now we know why, he can't hear as well in one ear. The solution is to take out his adenoids and put tubes in his ears and this will fix the problem. So early on the 12th we will take Eli in for a simple surgery that is supposed to take about 30 minutes and be able to bring home later that morning. Just thinking about it makes my stomach knot up but it is the right thing to do and what he needs to get rid of these pesky ear infections. Sometimes you just have to follow your parental instincts and do what you think is best even when your doctor doesn't agree with you.


Melinda said...

Obviously you made the right decision in changing pediatricians! Moms always know...

I will be praying for his surgery even though I know all will be fine. I have had lots of friends to have kids have this surgery and they all say it was super easy. Check out my friend Amy's blog. I think I have it listed under the "Young Fam" in my sidebar. She wrote about it a month or so ago.

Best of luck to Eli!

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Dawn said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Melinda's blog. I'm sort of blog hopping! LOL!

When my daughter was 4 (she's almost 11 now) she had that surgery and they removed her tonsils. You might have them do that since they will already be in there.

Anyway, our ped. kept telling me nothing was wrong as well. She was behaving horribly. I just went about him and called an ENT. She was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and they said if she were older they would probably have put a hearing aide on her!!!! Literally that night after surgery she slept the best she had since she was born. Her behavior improved 95%!! It was SO WORTH IT!

I'll say a prayer for your little guy and you! I know how scary it is anytime our babies have to have surgery. But, you will be so happy with the outcome!