Monday, December 8, 2008

Celebrating the Sooners!

On Saturday evening we did what most Oklahoma fans did, we watched the game on T.V. Yes, I did cheer for OU, I am a fan except for when they play OSU, and our boys did too, although Eli is partial to OSU. He asked me the other night when I put on his OU jersey, "Where is my Cowboys jersey?" My response, "Don't worry son you will have one soon." Isn't it grand our family is split right down the middle, if the boys went to their respected colleges when they get older our family dinners could get real interesting in the future.

After the boys where in bed, Doug and I started talking about how much fun we had eight years ago at the Big 12 Championship game. Exactly four weeks before our wedding, where were we? Not at home getting any last minute wedding plans in order, we were on the road to Kansas City to see OU play Kansas State. It was the first OU game I had been to with Doug and it was a ball. It was also very cold and we were bundled up like there was no tomorrow, I am not quite sure how many layers we had on or how much hot chocolate I drank during the game. But I can tell you this, we could see everything around us. What am I talking about? Well, we kind of got our seats at the last minute and they were at the highest point in the stadium you could go, but as I said we could see everything. We always joke about being closer to the clouds than we were to the field. If you have every been to Arrowhead Stadium you know what I am talking about, we were way up there. That was the longest walk from our car to our seats in the stadium and I will never forget it. I told Doug last night if they play like they did eight years ago OU will win the National Championship next month. So, I am willing to cheer for the Sooners because they did so great the year we got married. You better believe I will be cheering for my Cowboys when they go to the Holiday Bowl to play Oregon and of course the game is on our Anniversary. Big decision, go out with my husband or do we stay home and watch the football game (of course I am only joking we go out, I love our dinner at the Polo Grill on our Anniversary). But first we need to get a babysitter. Anyone offering?

Striking a pose in their OU apparel
The boys deciding to show their OU Christmas spirit


Anonymous said...

Dry Gulch is AMAZING! Definitely do it. ;)

My DH is a Hurricanes' Fan! LOL

Melinda said...

I love the new pic of the boys in their Santa hats and OU jersys. Too cute.

6HappyHearts said...

The pic of the boys is adorable!
We may splurge for Dry Gulch. My friend is working it this year & sings it praises.
My hubby is threatening to go buy a Gators hat?! Aaaahhh!!!

Our Peculiar Life said...

I would LOVE to go to Dry Gulch this year! I love it, although I haven't seen the "new and improved" version yet! I doubt we will make it. But we will definitely be watching the game. We are BIG OU Fans here! :-)