Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cabin Fever is over!

After being iced in for 2 1/2 days I am so glad we were able to get out yesterday afternoon. My poor husband was out driving in this horrible weather, he loves helping people and regardless of weather people still need their medicine, he is such a wonderful man and I hope he knows how much his family appreciates him. We had a ton of things to get at the grocery store to make for classmates, teachers and also the cookie exchange for Eli's Christmas program tonight. Needless to say I was baking all evening and finally decided to stop at 10:30 last night. All I had left to do was package individual items and make chocolate and vanilla covered pretzels. After dropping Eli off at school, Nic and I rushed home so that I could finish the pretzels and pack everything and we got back to Eli's school 5 minutes before pick-up, just in time to pass out everything to everyone. Eli had such a ball helping me make the sugar cookies and icing them last night, he is such a good helper and a wonderful giver. He loved passing the little Christmas tins out to everyone and his teachers loved their gifts as well. I can't wait for tonight's program it is going to be fun to watch, I have my camera battery charging (I also have a completely charged backup battery) and my camcorder as well. Today was also pajama day at school and Eli got to wear his new Batman pajamas, all of the kids were so cute in their pj's. I was told Santa also came to visit but Eli would not sit on his lap (he just stood beside him) or tell him what he wanted for Christmas. He said Santa already knows what he wants, pretty brilliant if you ask me. I will be sure to post pictures it will definitely be adorable. We still have a few more little things to get and I think we decided we are always buying stuff for everyone else, why not us? Doug wants a few things for work and some new jeans and I need clothes that fit me all mine are too big, so nice to say that, although I would like to lose five more pounds but I am not going to complain.

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Melinda said...

My clothes were too big...until I started my Christmas cooking...oh well, there is always New Year's resolutions - not that I am a girl of resolve; but whatever : ) Can't wait to see pics of Eli and Santa.