Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

The last few days have left us unbelievably busy, no thanks to the lovey ice we had at the first of the week and stranded at home. The boys had fun, although Eli hated not having school on Tuesday. Late Wednesday afternoon we braved the store to pick up everything we needed for the cookies for school, that night I made 9 dozen cookies (yes you read correctly). The parents were supposed to bring two dozen cookies with them for a cookie exchange at the end of the Christmas program. Eli and I then put together a cookie container for his classmates and teachers, they each received one of each, there were two kinds that I made (Sugar & chocolate candy cane), 36 more cookies gone. The Christmas Program was adorable and the church was completely packed with barely standing room only. Our little man is growing up so fast, when they called the children up to the front of the church, they said they know what to do. Eli just took off he almost ran over us trying to get to the front of the church, nothing shy about that boy anymore. I took a ton of pictures and some even after I edited red eye the kids look like they have ghost eyes, but when you have so many parents taking pictures at the same time, you take what you can get. Afterwards was the cookie exchange and each child was supposed to be able to take home 2 dozen cookies, that is if all the parents did their job. I know we ended up with too many cookies on top of what we have left over from my baking extravaganza. On Friday, Doug was of so after Nic's nap we loaded up and headed to the mall for our final shopping of the season, mainly for both of us, you always seem to forget about yourself and remember everyone else. So we figured why not? With such good deals right now, a few new clothes for each of us would be great. The boys loved it because we went into the Disney Store and they didn't complain a bit, my boys love to go shopping or maybe they like to see all the different people, I am sure not going to complain about that. Before the mall we enjoyed dinner at Abuelo's, very good if you have not been there, at least we love it anyway. Saturday the boys and I headed to the grocery store, pure madness, the traffic was not so bad it was the waiting in line forever so we could come home to our sanctuary of peace and quiet. This morning we loaded up and headed out to church in this blustery cold weather. There were so many people there this morning, it was almost hard to find a seat but I was sure glad to see all of our church pews full. Now for dinner in a few hours and it looks like the next few days will be a wrapping marathon for me. Doug will be officially on vacation starting tomorrow at 4 p.m. We get to have him home for eleven whole days, what in the world are we going to do? Right now we are planning on relaxing, possibly going to the aquarium (we haven't been in a year), Rhema lights and taking the boys to their first movie at the movie theater (an early matinee) to see Madagascar 2. Well that is what has been happening the last few days, better get back to wrapping presents (they sure won't wrap themselves).

Writing our name with bingo markers.

Just dabbing away, in no particular order.

He had so much fun and did such a great job.

He decided to color instead.

Pajama day at school on Thursday, he loved wearing them all day. Who wouldn't?

Eli was too excited about giving us the Christmas present he made at school.

Our beautiful new ornament from Eli.

Being silly before we leave for the Christmas Program.

His class sang 'Jingle Bells' at the Program.

The two Tuesday & Thursday classes combined sang 'Three Wise Men'. These three are inseperable when together, although they are in seperate classes they share the same room at school. (eight children per teacher.)

He had so much fun and this was such a great picture.

Singing 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' at the end of the program.

The boys made these for us at Church this morning.

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