Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Update..

I can't believe I haven't made a post in a few days, things just need to be done and you can't always get to the computer. We tried to find tickets for Dry Gulch for this Friday and they are sold out but I was hoping to find some in the paper or on Craigslist and I am not having any luck. That's what you get for waiting until the last minute to get something. On a lighter note, Doug and I were able to go shopping on Sunday afternoon, by ourselves (hip hip hooray!), my mom came and stayed with the boys. The only down side was the weather on our way home it started getting bad and that slowed us down (sleet will do that to you), and then mom decided she needed to drive the hour home and it took her two and a half hours. We had fun and we are completely done shopping for the boys and only have a few things left to get (actually cooking supplies to make cookies for teachers and classmates). We are doing it simple this year and who doesn't love homemade goodies, homemade cards and we will also give the teachers gift cards to go out to eat. Eli is out of school today and I am hoping they have school Thursday because his Christmas program is that evening and he is so looking forward to it, actually we are too. I have been so tired the last two days, yesterday especially, I guess that's what happens once everything catches up to you and you finally have a break.

Eli loves puzzles and he does the same one everyday, the bigger pieces, and we usually do the one with 100 pieces together. Well on Friday he decided that he was going to do it without my help and sure enough he did and in record time. I am so glad he loves puzzles, they can be really relaxing at time, at least for me anyway. I am also starting to work with him on his writing skills. To teach kids to hold a pencil and write the correct way can take work but if you make it fun they can always pick it up in no time. So we do construction paper with his name (only word I have done so far) written on it and you can use bingo markers, markers or crayons and have them trace, this is supposed to help with their writing mechanics. The bingo markers is a new trick I saw on Jon & Kate plus 8 yesterday, pretty clever, we are trying this out today. So, this is an idea to make as an activity and not homework per say, I personally think you learn better when you are having fun but that is just me.

Working on his puzzle.


Melinda said...

Great idea on the construction paper! I spread out salt or sugar in a pan and let Jack work on his letters using his finger to make his name. He thinks he is getting away with something naughty so it works out well : )

Our Peculiar Life said...

I love the idea of the bingo markers! I will have to try that with Kaedra!! Thanks for the ideas and glad you got your shopping done! :-)