Monday, December 1, 2008

Happenings around here

As you know this holiday weekend has been filled with an ER run with fever and now not one but both boys are down with this fever that won't go away. After much debating and a very sleepless Saturday night, I knew going to church was out of the question, I decided to take the boys to urgent care to find out what was going wrong. I call Doug, who is in Arkansas, and tell him the urgent care is packed and they had just opened, now what. He calls the new pediatrician and gets the answering service, before he gets off the phone to call me back the pediatrician was calling me. I tell him everything that has been going on for the last week and he tells me to come into the office that afternoon, that's right on a Sunday afternoon, they see children on the weekend. Boy did we ever make the right decision to switch pediatricians. The boys and I make our way home for a couple of hours and then off to see the doctor. We get there and find out Eli has had a two inch growth spurt on top of being sick and so has Nic, go figure. The diagnosis, Eli has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. And Nic, a right ear infection with a very horrible looking left ear to boot. Solution, both receive antibiotics and Eli is getting a referral to a ENT specialist to get tubes in his ears. With Nic it is a wait and see game because the doctor wants to see him a few times, especially with the whole having to do breathing treatments every time he gets a cold/pneumonia. We are not saying it is asthma but lets wait and see what happens and until he gets a little older and go from there. Needless to say I am much more impressed with our decision to switch pediatricians, our gut feeling turned out to be correct and not only that there are two other doctors in the practice and they rotate weekends for appointments (such a blessing). If only we could get rid of Eli's fever now but hopefully once the antibiotics start doing their mojo we will all be better.

On a lighter note. What happens when Daddy brings the boys home a snow globe and they can't decide who is going to hold it or drop it instead? See for yourself.

The mess.
Fun to vacuum up by the way, blowing all
over the place and sticking to everything.

This is what caused the mess.

This is what one might look like unharmed.


Our Peculiar Life said...

Glad you got a new pediatrician too! That will surely ease your mind!

We just had a snow globe catastrophe too...ours was a nativity snow globe.

6HappyHearts said...

So sorry for all your illness : (
I hope the boys get to feeling better very soon!! Also sorry for the snowglobe. We "lost" one as well...ugh??!!