Monday, July 6, 2009

Blue Bell's "Taste of Summer"

The above pictures are from the weekend before the 4th of July. The last weekend in June is Blue Bell's "Taste of Summer" and this is our second year to go. We had an absolute ball although it was 100 outside and it was morning and earlier afternoon. After arriving we immediately ate ice cream and then headed over to get hot dogs for lunch. We went through at least eight bottles of water while there. When lunch was done we headed over to bounce, at least the boys did mom, dad and mimi roasted in the sun. The boys enjoyed three bounce houses and then more ice cream. We made our way around and the boys managed to find a fire hydrant the firefighters had turned on. They were soaked and loving every minute of it. No I did not have a change of clothes and they rode home like that but it was so hot they didn't notice. After playing in the water we went of to the putting greens and took our turn, then off to tour the facility and home we went. We had a blast and you can bet we will be back next year!

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