Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

Our 4th started out quite rainy just like everyone else around Oklahoma. It wasn't looking very promising to watch fireworks, but eventually the sky begin to clear and we decided we were going to Mimi & Papa's. Eli's quote of the day while we were sitting at the stop light, "Looks like we are going to Mimi & Papa's to watch fireworks after all." That boy loves watching fireworks Nic on the other hand not so much. We arrive in Tulsa and meet Doug after he gets off work then head over to his parents for some great grilling. The food was delicious and we head out to the backyard and set up the boys pool and bounce or castle as they call it. They splashed and bounced for a good 1 1/2 then dessert was strawberry pie and a patriotic trifle, absolutely delicious! The boys were off again to play and bounce for another 30-45 minutes before we got them dressed and headed down the street to the neighborhood bounce that was set up. We played down there for a bit and back to Mimi and Papa's before the neighborhood fireworks show started. We had a ball and it was a really long night, the boys crashed as soon as we got home. Can't wait until next year!!!

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Melinda said...

Great photos! So glad you all had such a wonderful 4th! You need to post the recipes for those desserts...they sound amazing!!