Sunday, January 11, 2009

Surgery in the morning

Mr. Eli is having his adenoids out in the morning and getting tubes in his ears. The last few days have been a little crazy, getting things at the grocery store and making sure the house is clean and the laundry done (don't want to do this when we get home). Friday afternoon we went to the hospital for pre-op stuff and he kept asking if he was getting a shot. Poor little guy. We keep telling him the doctor is going to put little bitty tubes in his ears so that he can hear better and not have any yucky ear infections. He seems okay with this explanation, we will see how tomorrow morning goes, I think he will be fine (mom has some anxiety) we will be with him up until they walk through the door for the procedure. It only takes about thirty minutes and then recovery for a little while and we can come home. His surgery is at 7:45 and we have to be there at 6:15, so it is going to be a very long day tomorrow. I will let everyone know how it went, maybe tomorrow, if not I will on Tuesday.


Peculiar Blogs said...

Daniele, ((Hugs)) Praying everything went well and Eli's recovery is quick!

momof3darlings said...

Thinking of you guys today!! Prayers for Eli, and for God to calm YOUR nerves as well. I know how it is doing that. ;) I've been there waiting for it to be OVER so you can go back and see him all teeny tiny in the bed. Hugs for you, my friend!

megan k said...

Chloe had a procedure done on her toe when she was just over a yr. old. Before the procedure they gave her some medicine that basically made her act drunk (so funny). I asked them why they gave her that and they said it helps them with the transition from parents to strangers. She was right, Chloe was a vulnerable woman at that point.

It's an idea if you are worried about him being scared when they take him... Prayers from us!